Thursday, January 26, 2012

J. Crew New Arrivals - January

Stripe Turtleneck Dress (size S) was already in stores last weekend. When I first grabbed it, I couldn't believe how heavy and thick it was! I also barely managed to get it on, as it's a VERY tight fit. I would try sizing up to a medium next time. The bag is the Brompton Mini Hobo in vibrant coral. I loved this bag. The shoes are the Valentina Printed Patent Pumps I already blogged about here before.

The Brompton Mini Hobo is a smaller version of the Brompton Hobo. The large version has been around since spring or summer 2010, I believe. I have come to realize that hobo bags are my preferred style of bags. I had tried the Biennial Satchel but that didn't work well for me. See my post about this bag here. I liked the inside zip pocket on the mini Brompton. It's where I usually keep my passport inside a plastic bag (just in case of any spills). It also has an additional zip pocket on one side. There is also a shoulder strap, although I could easily wear the two handles over the shoulder, as you can see above. And my favourite feature is the brass turnlock closure. 


A favourite I saw and tried on in the store last week is the Cotton Waffle Pullover, which fits TTS. It also comes with a price tag that won't break the bank.

On my radar I have the No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double-Serge Cotton (size 2 in 'warm jade'). This fits the same as the one I blogged about before here.

Lots of loves among the new arrivals, and I hope to have a chance to try them on soon and report back.
Thanks for reading and have a great Friday, everyone!


  1. do you suppose J Crew is taking a turn for the smaller in their sizing? For the last two years I've been buying 0 an XXS where possible, but it seems like the last few pieces have been cut smaller. I just bought the Daisylace tee in XS, as I thought XXS would be too tiny. The XS is even tiny!

    Now I've heard a couple of small sweater reviews like this dress. a trend, or just uneven sizing as usual?

    I would love to try out the jade cotton skirt- the only summer-weight pencil skirt I have from the crew is the aurora tweed and that was a tiny disaster on me!

  2. thatdamngreendress, it could only be the yarn used. Even though it had spandex in it, it was not very stretchy at all. The Merino dress I have is an S and fits ok. In tees and sweaters I am either S or XS. HTH

  3. You look hot in the dress, Rose! And chiming in on what thatdamngreendress said ... the sizing is random at times. I've tried several pairs of cafe capris and the harvest tweed just fits around whereas the leopard jacquard (just reviewed on my blog) is fitting at least a size if not two bigger, they're both labeled the same size.

  4. Hi Rose I love the striped dress on you!! Thanks for the ics and updates.

  5. Love the Brompton bag in vibrant coral! Thank you posting pictures of it :)

  6. You look great in that dress Rose. I saw it in store and thought the knit was similar to ponte, only tighter. I didn't like that the neck was a different knit. I love knit dresses but that one was a pass for me.

    The small brompton is quite nice but I wish the turnlock closures would fold down so they stay in place. I like the hobo style but satchels tend to work better for me. It's always good to know your style.

  7. tiffany rose & MB, thank you very much!

    em in espana, it's a gorgeous colour!

    xoxo: I also love knit dresses but this one was so tight and heavy that it would be a pass for me as well. One-compartment satchels would also work for me. After 2 chances at satchels with 3 compartments, I realized those bags are not for me. :)

  8. The dress does look great on you, too bad the fit is subpar. I like the colour of the bag but I like a tote style better. Everyone has their type of purse they like! :)

  9. LR @ Magnificent or Egregious, thanks! I haven't tried a tote because I am sure that clumsy as I am I would spill its contents way too easily! :D


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