Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gap Stripes

Browsing on  the Gap website I noticed a lot of new arrivals with colourful stripes, so naturally I had to check them out. The fabric or yarn used was also of better quality than in the previous roll-outs and I was pleased to see that. Here are some of the stripes I grabbed to try on:

Gap Stripes

First was the Striped Boatneck Sweater. It comes in 4 colour schemes and they are 100% cotton. I tried both an XS and an S, since they seemed quite roomy.

Striped Boatneck Sweater (size S)
(more striped sweaters here, here, here or here)

Next I tried on the Rugby Stripe Clean-Stitch T size S and 'orange & peach' stripe colourway. This one also comes in 4 other colour schemes and fits TTS. Love this colour combo, as well as the 'pink & charcoal' one.

Rugby Stripe Clean-Stitch T (more striped tees here, here or here)

Next is the Ribbed Shimmery Stripe Tank. I am wearing the size S in the black. The website shows it comes in 7 colours, but I didn't see them all in the store, and it shows no black. I also noticed the 'verveine' and the 'dried fig,' which I liked. For $19.95, I think it's a nice tank (cotton/spandex 95/5). 

The last top is the Striped Dolman-Sleeve T. I am wearing size S in the 'hot pink stripe,' but it also comes in 4 other colour schemes. The sleeves are quite tight.

The last item I tried on is the Striped Maxi Dress. This one is size XS, so one size smaller than I normally take. It feels nice and summery, and it's a good one to take on a tropical vacation.

Other new arrivals  I looked for but were not available at this particular store were the:

Striped Woven T (cotton/silk)

Striped Knit Tunic. This I would wear with a pair of Minnies or leggings.

Solid Pleated Tank (cotton/silk). I think this one will sell out fast. There is also a Printed Pleated Tank version you may prefer instead.

Colorblock Button-Shoulder Sweater

Dip-Dye Crewneck Sweater. I really like this one, in all three colours.

Finally, I see Colorblock Totes are a bargain at the Gap. I like all three colours offered in the tote as well. With a coupon popping up every week, these will sell out fast too, I'm certain.

After a long time, I liked my local Gap store again. It was nice to see livelier colours and better fabrics overall. 

Have you visited your local Gap recently? What did you think?


  1. I haven't been shopping at Gap lately but thanks for your reviews. I love stripes! Time to go shopping.

  2. Oh i'm not really into stripes but I love the dip dye sweater in that orange shade and the pink is lovely too, I'd get a lot of wear out of both.

  3. Great reviews! Love the stripes! I bought the Rugby t-shirt too in black and tan that doesn't appear to be on line. The fabric feels very nice and it looks really good on. Agree that Gap seems to be improving the quality of its fabrics.

    Love your blog!

  4. What's going on with the hem of the striped boatneck sweater? It looks like it was stretched out in the laundry.

    I like the dip dye sweater too. If only it were cotton and not wool. Colorblocking is everywhere this year and I really like it. I don't have anything colorblocked yet but I'm trying it with solid skirts and tops in contrasting or complementary (but not tonal) colors. It is a trend so I'll have to limit myself to a few choice pieces.

    Thanks for the photos and info Rose, always helpful.

  5. Small Town Gal, thanks for visiting. Me neither, but I think I will restart too.

    T., I thought I was done with stripes years ago too. I definitely want to see the dip-dye sweater in person.

    Greta, thanks for visiting! I am glad others agree too.

    xoxo: the hem is actually folded over and really secure -- no danger of stretching anywhere. I don't have anything colorblock either, and not sure it is worth investing in something like that, but then everything seems to be coming back eventually. You are very welcome! BTW, the Superstore has the patent leather shoes for $29.99. I also saw some cashmere cardis for $79, if you can believe it.

  6. I like the colours of the peach/orange striped tee- the colours are a huge improvement over the snoozefest that was the fall line, but I find something is still missing in the cuts!

  7. I like the 1st sweater. And the striped tunic. Super cute. Gap is on the upswing. Yay them.

  8. Will you sell your orange and tan rugby stripe tee from gap?


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