Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Banana Republic - January Arrivals (II)

Last week I made my way to BR as well. Right at the entrance I noticed this new bag called Leighton Leather Tote. A tote with an upper zipper, long handles and thick leather? Yes, please. It seems well made and I liked both the black and the grey, but was not too crazy about the camel version. Its shape reminds me a bit about J. Crew's Edie Tote, but I like BR's design better.

Leighton Leather Tote (more black totes here, here or here) 

Then I moved on to the clothes. This shade of red seems to be around a lot this season, and BR is not missing out. The Button-Shoulder Sweater is size S and 'blaze red' and a cotton/poly bland, so I choose the Tippi Sweater in 'vibrant flame' from J. Crew over this one, which is a fine merino wool that I prefer. The Polka Dot Pencil Skirt is going to be a favourite, I am willing to bet. This one is a size 4. I fit into either size 2 or 4 in the BR skirts, so take the larger of the 2 sizes for this one.
Polka Dot Pencil Skirt (more polka dot skirts here or here)

Button-Back Shoulder Sweater size S. I am attracted to pinks/mauves like moths to a flame, so of course I had to try this one as well. It fits TTS and the lovely back buttons are a nice detail.


And my two favourite items last. First is the Pink Trench coat size S. It was the last one in the store. (Had to pry it off the mannequin). This coat is beautifully lined with a polka dot fabric and has a pretty white piping. It's lighter than the Gap's Mac Jacket I tried on here before.

Pink Trench (more pink trench coats here, here or here)

The other one is the Polka Dot Trench. It's thinner than the pink one, but just as adorable. Of course I wouldn't wear the two polka dot outfits together. Too much pattern overwhelms me.

Polka Dot Trench (similar at F21 here) 

Banana Republic has a 30% off sale online only going on right now through January 19. Last I looked, the Polka Dot Trench was already out of stock. Hopefully they will replenish it.

Other things I liked in BR this season:

Color-Block Tee (see it on me here)
Metallic Trim Striped Pullover (4 colour schemes)(see it on me here)
Quilted Patch-Pocket Jacket (reminds me of J. Crew's Excursion Quilted Jacket I blogged about here before).
Thanks for reading and have a great week, everybody!



  1. Love the polka dot skirt! I need to check this one out! :o)

  2. love the polka dot skirt. What a coincidence, I just posted my wish list and the same skirt is on it!!


  3. Ooh, I like that BR is bringing back the enamel-y buttons, a nice detail!

  4. Thanks SO much for these reviews!! You look great in everything, as always! I must have that polka dot skirt and that pink trench!!!

  5. My4Boys & Small Town Gal, it's beautiful, isn't it?

    Lisa, it's a very pretty, I agree.

    rynetta PhD, I really love the pink trench too!

  6. Hi Rose did you purchase the polka dot skirt? I tried it on yesterday and loved it and now that I went back to your review I see that I tried it with the exact sweaters, but I didn't get it. I tried the 4 which is my normal J crew size, I see that you recommend a size up, should have done that, the 4 was perfect but was concerned about give. Well back to the store..... thanks again Rose


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