Thursday, January 19, 2012

Anthro Reviews - January (II)

Last week I ended up in Anthro again to check out the housewares section. I have been eyeing the Tyrian Ombre Vase which I think would look great with some curvy willow branches in it. It's still too much than I had in mind for paying for a vase though.

The Connect Forty Dress size S fits TTS. The dress has no side zipper, but getting in and out of it is easy, as the knit has some stretch to it.

It looked like a polka dot from afar, but as I approached the rack I see an "unexpected dot," as the SA named it. It's the Draped Snail Tank size 2 and pink colour. The other colour is navy blue. I tried belting the top, but I am not sure it is an improvement at all. The blouse has 2 panels at the back -- think hospital gown -- as you can see from the last photo. It's not a clear photo, but  you can get the idea.

The top above should go nicely with this new bracelet from Anthro:

Petrified Cuff, Shell (cute shell bangle here)

I grabbed Scrawled Rain Blouse in size 0 because the blouse looked quite roomy, but it's too tight across the chest for me. I should have stuck to my regular size. I liked both the construction and the fabric of this top.

Scrawled Rain Blouse

And my favourite, the Rain-Dotted Anorak. I liked both Anthro's and Banana Republic's. As of right now, the one from Banana Republic is sold out. I blogged about it here before.

Rain-Dotted Anorak (similar here or here)(small dots here)

Please check my earlier post for more reviews.

Other items to check out on my next visit(s):

Ombre petals skirt (see it on me here)

Have you been to Anthro lately? What have you seen or purchased?


  1. I love the Connect 40 dress!! Very Joan Holloway from Mad Men!

  2. oooh, i am such a sucker for polka dots! :)

  3. Connect 40 dress looks awesome!! Thanks for the review

  4. Thank you, ladies! I loved the dress too! Now I will have to start watching Mad Men. :)

  5. Oh, that polka dot trench is the only thing that I remotely want and was hoping to get it with my Bday discount. So cute!

  6. The connect 40 dress looks amazing on you!!!!


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