Saturday, January 7, 2012

Anthro Reviews - January (II)

Here are the last of the pics I took on my most recent Anthro visit. First is the Sorted Stripes Dress size S. It fits really snug and I should have sized up to a M. It shows every single little bump, unlike some of the other Anthro dresses I tried before. I blogged about the Layered Column Dress here and about the Tiered Stripes Dress here before.

Next is the Dually Clad Top size S. The body of the sweater is knitted, while the sleeves are fabric. It also comes in a beige knit/white sleeves and in a yellow knit/yellow sleeves combo. I paired it here with a Maeve skirt size 4. It's too big, but there was no size 2 to try on. It's also too thick, and it fits like I'm wearing a blanket.

Dually Clad Top
Lastly, the Nubby Stripes Skirt size 2. It fits right on, although again A-line doesn't suit me. A cotton/poly/rayon blend, it's suitable more for summer.

Nubby Stripes Skirt

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. I like those first two outfits, especially the striped dress, I favour dresses which end around the knee or just below.

  2. I love the striped pieces- the Bailey 44 one looks fabulous on you- I was sold by the catalogue shot, but then dismayed by so many negative reviews! Maybe on sale...

    and I love the crisp springy-ness of the striped skirt with your white tee!

    I bet that Maeve skirt still isn't online because they would just have to put it on sale! It seems shapeless on everyone, and not in the fun pouffy way!

  3. Was in the store today and saw the 2 skirts and thought to myself "too much fabric" for both. Didn't even grab them to try on. Store was pretty busy even though it was a rainy day. A bit understaffed as there was only 1 SA in the dressing area, poor gal. Tried on Pendleton coat, did a double take cos it was marked down to $49. Tried it on in S and M and found it extremely poor-fitting, guess that's why it's $49. Anthro is cool that way, they'll mark stuff waaaay down to move it out the door.

    Thanks for the reviews!

  4. LR, I prefer knee-length dresses as well. I can pull an above the knee mini, but anything higher looks ridiculous on me.

    thatdamngreendress, thank you! I think it's something you have to try on to decide. I agree about the Maeve skirt. I've been looking and looking on the website, and it's nowhere to be seen. Not sure who could wear this.

    CC, exactly! You could make 2 pencil skirts out of each. :)


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