Monday, December 26, 2011

Talbots - Boxing Day Sale

Of course the sale notices for Boxing Day are starting to pop into my Inbox now, and good timing since I have a few photos from previous visits that I didn't get around to posting.

First off is the Grace Fit Brushed-Back Wool Long Jacket size 4. It's a lovely piece I would wear for fall/spring only. I love the flaring sleeves and bottom part of the coat.

Grace Fit Brushed-Back Wool Long Jacket (more brush-back wool jackets here or here)

The Gilded Leopard Hostess Skirt has been out for a while now. I am wearing size 4 regular and it's too big on me, but the length is OK (I am 5'6" and have 3 1/2" heels on). It has metallic thread through it, so it's a bit sparkly.

Gilded Leopard Hostess Skirt (more sparkling leopard here, here or here

Next is the Sparkle Diamond Turtleneck in size M. It fits big, but there was no size S to try on. It's quite thick and chunky, and I like the small sequins.  The skirt is the Harper Check Pencil Skirt and it reminds me of a Tommy Hilfiger skirt I blogged about here before. 

Sparkle Diamond Turtleneck (more white turtlenecks here or here)

Next I have the Kate Fit Velveteen Jacket in a red called 'vixen' and size 4P. There was no regular smaller size available to try on. I think a regular 4 would fit perfectly in this cut. The skirt is HearstTapestry Print Skirt also in size 4P.

Sparkle Button Cardigan in size S and crimson colour is beautiful. This is what I would call a true red. The buttons sparkle brightly, and the photo on the website doesn't do this cardigan justice. It is also available in 10 other colours.

Lastly, the Marmount Patch-Pocket Peacoat With Full Lining I blogged about here before. I liked the fuchsia colour since it was so bright, but still am not in love with this cut. The quilted lining looked beautiful.


My picks at Talbots:

Ballroom Floral Cashmere Cardi
Tapestry Print Cardi
Merino Wool Cardi (9 colours)
Chunky Knit Cable Cardigan (all cotton, 9 colours)
Nichee Solid Cardigan
Sweater Jacket
Starburst Cable Sweater
Leopard Cardigan
Heart Cable Sweater
Silk Charmeuse Cami
Silk Shirt (9 colours)
Silk Pintuck Top
Ava Illusion Top
Kate Fit Monet Jacket
Boiled Wool Jacket
Boiled Wool Wrap Skirt
Grace Fit Cord Jacket
Kate Fit Shetland Jacket
Double-Faced Wool Jacket (see it on me here)
Grace Fit Double-Faced Wool Jacket
Jackie Fit Double-Faced Wool Wing Collar Jacket
Heritage Fit Double-Weave Crepe Flare-Leg Pants
Modern Fit Slim Leg Crop Pants Shadow Jacquard Pleated Skirt
Gilded Leopard Dress (see it on me here)
Leopard Print Touch Gloves
Milano-Stitch Bateau Sweater  (8 colours)
Colorblocked Tank
Rhinestone-Spritzed V-Neck Sweater
Colorblocked Shoulder-Button Sweater
Metallic Stripe Tee
Radiant Colorblock Scarf
Silk Utility Shirt
Au Courant Merino Wool Long Cardigan
Turnlock Suede Clutch
Sequin Tank
Quilted Down Jacket
Renae Colorblocked Flats
Mohair & Wool Skirt
Colorblocked Shoulder-Button Dress
Gilded Leopard Dress
Holiday Ikat Scarf


  1. The peacoat is ok, but it's that Talbots thing of looking a little matronly. I think that's why I didn't like it. I have the chunky turtleneck sweater w/sequins in black. I got it for a really good deal last week. Funny how easy it is to find something for me when I'm shopping for others. *lol*

    Happy Boxing Day! Is that the greeting...happy boxing day?

  2. Oh and yes, Talbots does red so very well. Totally, totally agree.

  3. I agree, gigi. The colour of that coat is gorgeous. You would think they could use it in a more modern cut coat. Great if you were able to get a deal on that sweater! And yes, you said it first that Talbots does red so well. I loved the richness of their red (both 'vixen' and the 'crimson').

    I don't know that anyone says 'Happy Boxing Day!', but thank you! :) Everyone's too busy being out and about shopping on the good deals. It's almost like your Black Friday.


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