Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Madewell Sale

Madewell is offering yet another 30% off sale items. The code is BYBYE (how appropriate!), and offer expires this Friday, December 30. It's tempting, because I have been finding a lot of lovely pieces at Madewell lately. I am lucky enough to be a couple of hours away from not one, but two Madewell stores. So I can check their offerings, such as this lovely Stitchwork Silk Dress which I would wear either casually with a denim jacket or more dressy with a velvet jacket, such as the Ruby I got from J. Crew last year.

Or this lovely  Sweater Blazer:

I still like flared jeans, and seeing them at Madewell is reassuring. What I would like to see is shorter names for some of their products:

I saw the Bluebell Paisley Skirt in the store and loved it. I wouldn't pair it with that check shirt, however. To tell the truth, I am not much into pattern mixing. There is also a Bluebell Paisley Maxi Dress, if you prefer.

I would sooner pair the skirt above with the Silk Cargo Shirt:

What else is on sale at Madewell? Here are some of my picks:




Contrast shadowbox sweaterdress (see the red and navy on me here)




Tees & Tanks


  1. Holy Madewell mega post Rose!

    There are a few things I'd like to try but I'm leery of final sale and honestly quite shopped out. If I lived near two B&Ms I would definitely go and check them out.

  2. xoxo: since you are unable to try things on, they will allow you to return items even if they are final sale. I have done it a few times at JC. Of course I will be checking the stores out in the next month or so. Some new arrivals should be in by then.

  3. Hi Rose Thanks for the reviews. Have you tried on the Bookworm Cardi? I love the leather pockets, brown color (from what I can see on my monitor) & fact it's merino but they won't extend the option to return a final sale item (they did two weeks ago so I guess I've reached my limit!). :0

  4. I love when Madewell has a sale because you can get suchhh amazing deals! Just got a pair of black skinny jeans yesterday for $30! And they fit PERFECTLY!


  5. JustVisiting, I haven't had the chance, because I am sure I would have taken it home with me. Sorry! Really, they should allow returns if you are nowhere near a store to be able to try things on in advance.

    Ally, the sale racks were full when I went - love that! Good score on the jeans!


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