Thursday, December 22, 2011

Madewell Reviews - December

Of course a trip to UVillage always has to include a visit to the store next door to JC, Madewell. I am relatively new to Madewell, just like it is new to JC, but I am liking what I see in there. The Striped Sweaterknit Hoodie seems to be sold out on the website (it wasn't even there yesterday), but when I called the UVillage store they said they could arrange a charge/send. This hoodie is very soft due to the lambswool and angora content, and I loved it best of all things in the store. And I thought I was done with stripes already.

Striped Sweaterknit Hoodie (size S)(similar here, here or here)

The Leopard Print Sidewalk Skimmers are size 7 1/2, a half size smaller than my regular shoe size, and they fit quite comfortably.


The Archive Leather Boot in English saddle and size 7. I was shocked to see I could fit in a boot a whole size smaller than my regular shoe/boot size. Also, my calf is 13.5 inches at its thickest, so I was able to fit the jeans inside the boot as well, so keep that in mind when ordering. I liked these boots better than the Booker Boots from JC, which I blogged about here before.


Striped Outfield Sweater in size XS and almond blossom. It comes in 4 other colours. Initially I grabbed a size S, my regular sweater size, but it seemed a bit too roomy for my taste, so I also tried on the XS (top photo) as well. It's a cotton/wool slub fabric of nice quality, in my opinion. 

(more striped sweatshirts here or here)

This winter I seem to be a lot more into sweaterdresses (see OOTD's here and here), so of course I had to check out those too. I found a few, among them the Shadowbox Sweaterdress in size S and navy and red colours. A bit too short for me (I am 5'6"), but might work nicely with Wool Minnie Pants or with the Everyday Knit Leggings and a belt.


The last item is the Striped Lamppost Sweaterdress, also size S. This one's all merino wool and loved it, but again, too short to wear in its own.

What I am liking from their new arrivals (I know, too many):

Stitchwork Silk Dress (in warm shale)
Bensimon Sherpa Lace-Up Low Sneaker (UGG has some nice ones too here or here)

Leatherbound Wool Blazer
Bandelier Blazer
Charbon Letterwriter Pump

More favourite Madwell sale items at the bottom of this post.

As always, thanks for visiting and have a great Friday! It's only a half day of work for me tomorrow. Then it's time to pack up that suitcase.


  1. Thanks for the reviews! I'm new to Madewell as well, and it's good to know how some of these fit (I am seriously loving those archive boots...I think shopwithm has them?)

  2. I really think Madewell is my "weekend" persona while JC is my "Monday to Friday" persona. Liking too many of their pieces. Their shirts are amazing in terms of quality and pricing, compared to JC's. The sweater dresses look very cute on you, will probably work well belted over skinny pants, as you say. Great reviews!

  3. Thanks for all the reviews and pics Rose! I've been shopping Madewell online (no store near me) for quite awhile and always find plenty to love there. Much more than J.Crew actually, at least over the past year.

    The Leopard skimmers were online previously but sold out this past week. I received my waitlisted pair a few days ago, but haven't decided if I'll keep them or not. They seem to be well made and pretty comfortable, but since I don't wear flats that often, I'm not sure they will be worth the price.

  4. Thanks so much for these great reviews! Did you try the Bluebell Paisley Pencil skirt on? Thanks again!

  5. I like the sweater dresses and I love that first striped hoodie! I considered getting it but I'll wait if it's still around after Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas/holiday time, Rose!

  6. Thanks for the IRL photos and reviews. I considered the sidewalk skimmers but ended up going with belle pony flats instead. Still thinking about the handbook pump though!

    Merry Christmas Rose, safe travels.

  7. Merry Christmas Rose!

  8. thatdamngreendress: you are welcome! The quality of the boots is very nice.

    CC: I know what you mean. All the shirts/blouses I've seen there are excellent quality.

    FFM: I am glad you found good quality at Madewell. I know a lot of people have been disappointed in JC lately.

    rynetta PhD: I didn't try it on, as I wasn't looking for a blue skirt, but saw it IRL and looks really nice!

    dinster: you would love the hoodie, but agree to wait for a sale on it. Happy holidays to you too, if you celebrate them!

    xoxo: I made the comment on your blog before seeing yours here. Duh! :) I recall your post on those flats. Pumps look nice too!

  9. Merry Christmas to you too, T.!

  10. Thanks for posting these reviews. I have been eyeing the Archive boots for a while but...I need another pair of boots like I need a hole in my head!

    Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

  11. Hi Carolyn form Vancouver here..
    Do you have experience with returning shipped items
    through UPS ? I am wondering about the taxes duties and brokerage fees. Right now I am waiting on an order and wondering if I will have to pay more when the parcel arrives at the door. I ordered two sizes of the same item so returns are a definite. How will I get the taxes etc back if I return to the B&M ? I have yet to receive my first order...its being "CLEARED" somewhere for four days now. My anticipation has worn off and I am just dreading the bill with it. Thanks in advance Carolyn

  12. LOL, Louise. They are nice, but unless you need them, there's no point in getting them.

    Hi Carolyn! I have not had experience returning UPS sent items from Vancouver, unfortunately. Usually I return stuff at the B&M store. I know a lot of Canucks get a mail service in Blaine or Pt. Roberts and have thing shipped there, so you may want to check into that. They usually charge a small fee per package (depending on the value). If you bring the item into Canada and get charged duty at the border, and then later you need to return the item, you can claim your duty back from the CCRA. So keep all your receipts. Best idea is to get the mail service and then open the package and try things on right there, then send them right back if they don't fit. HTH


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