Thursday, December 22, 2011

J. Crew - Mid December (II)

Well, the dreaded final sale at JC is back again. The current promo offers 20% off sale items and free shipping on $175+ orders. 

The next few photos are from this past weekend again, but didn't get the chance to post them yet. This is the Wynter Sweater in navy acorn (size S, top photo) and pink acorn (size XS, bottom photo). Most of the time I am a size S in the JC sweaters, but the XS fitted well too, except for the plunging neckline.

Wynter Sweater (similar here, here or here)

Next are the Scalloped Lace Shell in ivory, size S and the Cafe Capris in Wool Check size 2. I blogged about these pants here before. The top has 3 wide tiers of lace, and is well made in my opinion. The capris fitted so nicely and were on major sale, so what's not to like about them? The ballet flats are new and can't find them on the website, but they were my regular shoe size, 8. They are very comfortable, and the nude-coloured elastic band you see in the photo probably helps with that. Edit: these are the Mila Ballet Flats.

Lastly for now is the new purple Tippi sweater size S. I blogged about the black, marled camel and the vibrant flame before. Check them out here.

More reviews later this week, as time allows. Also please check out CC's blog for more reviews here.

Eyeing from the sale section:

Pipe Dream Hoodie (see it on me here)
Greer Wedge Ankle Boots (see them on me here)

My Double-Cloth Envelope Coat (see the navy one on me here) was ordered via the red phone on Sunday and it has already reached destination. I can hardly believe it was so fast. Stay tuned for one vibrant flame coat post coming soon to your monitor.  :)


  1. As always, very helpful photos and reviews. I'm all shopped out these days, looking forward to spring.

  2. thanks for the reviews.I like the Wynter sweater. Pink acorn looks cute on you. Yes, I'm all shopped out and will hold off for the 20% sale. Hoping for further reductions after Christmas!Happy Holidays!

  3. Thanks for the reveiews! btw...I love your little orange cap-toe shoes! So cute! :o)

  4. Great reviews, I'm holding out too. I hope. Meanwhile still laughing at the email I received announcing the Return of Final Sale as if it were Spreading Good News. Do you think J.Crew does irony?

  5. Thanks for the reviews! I just got my Tippi sweaters in yesterday in Bright Dahlia and the heather-y turquoise one (can't remember its name). This was my second try with these sweaters since the first size wasn't right, but now I'm so glad I got them when I did now that it's Final Sale again. I love that purple one and may have to snag that one soon!

  6. xoxo, thank you! Yes, we all are. In fact, I haven't done much shopping, but posting about all these sales seems like I have. :)

    Small Town Gal, thanks for visiting, and thank you! I like it too, however, this sweater is made of some very poor yarn in my opinion. Too bad, really.

    My4Boys, those are some new ballet flats in J. Crew. They also have an elastic band all around for comfort. If you visit JC, give them a try. I will have a close-up in another post.

    WFF, 20% off finale sale? Yeah, right. Best thing since fresh bread? :)

    Miss August, thanks for dropping in! I think it's the viridian green one you may be talking about, but I am not sure.

  7. Thanks for the link love. Can't wait to see the Vibrant Flame coat on you, and burning up my monitor too ;)


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