Thursday, December 1, 2011

J. Crew - Late November

Figures that a sweater sale will happen after I got 2 last week. Please see my post below about the ones I got and the ones I just tried on for fun. Rumor has it the Heart Me Sweater was pulled off the store shelves for this promo. 

Here are some other things I tried on during my latest trip to the JC land. This is the Winter Floral Cardigan. It reminds me of a knitted floral sweater I had many years ago. During the sweater promo I was debating whether I should get this, but went for the Jenna Sweater In Nightfall Floral instead. I am wearing size S in the pic below.

I tried a couple of different sizes of the Excursion Quilted Vest as well. The red is XS and it fits a bit tight across my chest. The S fits generously. So unless you have broader shoulders, you may want to size down in this one. Navy blue doesn't even show on the website, so it may be an in-store item only.

Excursion Quilted Vest (size S)(similar here, here or here)

Of course I had to try the Wynter Sweater In Sequin Stripe (size S) as well. This sweater was extremely itchy, and usually I am not one to complain about wool sweaters. A nice idea if you like a little bit of sparkle with your stripes. The pants, on the other hand, I loved. These are the Cafe Trousers In Wool size 2 and maraschino cherry colour, and I blogged about them here before. While they are not lined, they do not bother me, and if you wear appropriate underwear, there are no VPL. Victoria Secret sells some that laser cut (or so they told me) undies and they show minimal lines.

And here I have the Crochet Lace Front Tee in grey and size S, as well as the Tweed Bow Skirt size 2. This skirt seems to be gone from the website, but I saw quite a few sizes left in the store.

Tweed Bow Skirt (similar here)
Crochet Lace Front Tee (similar here)

A new coat I noticed this time around has been the Plaza Coat. This is size 4, my usual coat size at JC. I don't see this dark grey colour on the website. Looks kind of drab in this colour.

Plaza Coat (similar here

I also tried the JC ballet flats again, because I have heard the newer ones are a bit more comfortable. These are the Cece Suede Ballet Flats in dusty cedar and 7 1/2, or a half size smaller than my normal shoe size and they fit comfortably on my feet. I may get these if they ever make it to sale. Otherwise I feel they are overpriced for what they are.

That's all for now. Hope you all have a safe end of the week.


  1. Must get red pants, they are so wonderfully cheery.
    The skirt is perfect on you but that bow is a bit of an eyesore, just saw a pic of Mrs O wearing the heart sweater so no doubt it will sell out itchy or not.

  2. Tabs, I am also eyeing those pants for when they go on sale. The fabric is too stiff for a bow like that. I didn't find the sweater itchy at all.

  3. I really like the red pants on you, Rose. :) I also tried on the Heart Me Sweater and it was a huge fail. I agree with you that it's extremely itchy, too.

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  5. Love the skirt with the bow tie, adorable!!!

  6. You rock those trousers, very fetching on you (and I also like the look of stripes + sequins, how very j. crew). I hope everyone who buys the unlined wool pants wear proper foundations. There's enough VPL in this world ;)

  7. Thanks, FFM! I love them too. Too bad the sweater didn't work out for you.

    EverydayMomStyle, it's a really pretty skirt!

    CC, thanks! "Enough VPL in this world..." -- you crack me up!


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