Friday, December 30, 2011

J. Crew Jules Dress In Ashbury Floral

I tried on the Jules Dress In Ashbury Floral size 2 almost two weeks ago in the store and it fits big. I should have tried the 0, but couldn't see one. The Jules Dress In Wildcat I blogged about here before was a size 0. The fabric is a nice silk, but it's REALLY short on me (I am 5'6"). I am on the fence about the print. I think it's too much for a dress, but that is just my personal preference.

Jules Dress In Ashbury Floral (similar-ish print here or here)

Other items in the Ashbury print, for those who might want a smaller dose of it:
Perfect Shirt In Ashbury Floral (similar here or here)
(photo courtesy of

The stores also had an iPad case in this print as well.

Other new arrivals that could end up in my closet, but only if they make it to sale:
Not a big roll-out, but then who needs one right now? It's just enough to tease us with a few spring colours.


  1. That is a lot of floral, J. Crew. :D I actually like most of it, except for the shirt.

    The dress is a lot of floral, but it's cute and has a retro vibe. The pockets are a nice touch. A size 0 would be perfect on you. It is short, but you've got the legs to pull it off!

    I also like the Tippi sweater. I'll have to watch for that one to hit sale as well. I love all your detailed reviews!

  2. I think it's awful, it reminds me of smelly hippies, patchouli and Jesus sandals.

  3. Not at all my taste and I agree with you, the dress is much too much. And it is short - be careful you don't drop your keys on the floor!

  4. Thank you for the photos and for reviewing this dress! I really love the wildcat Jules. I agree that this new print is too loud for a dress. They overdid it with offering color, lol! The scarf and maybe the bathing suit are pretty, but not a print for me - it would be overwhelming and probably make me look larger - not a good thing! Happy New Year!!!

  5. Too much floral, too little dress. I can't decide if I think the print looks psychedelic, or like ramped-up 50's "tropical cruise wear.". Thanks for the reviews, I was curious!

  6. I think the dress is lovely, and it'd work as a tunic, no? With skinny jeans or Minnies (haha)? Looking at all these bright colours and prints make me want to book a vacation to someplace warm and sunny just so I can wear this stuff NOW and not in July. Thanks for the great reviews!

  7. I like the Ashbury floral dress, but think it depends on who's wearing it. It could go a little Mrs. Roper (the sa in the dressing room didn't know who that was - I felt old!) depending on the age and shape of the wearer. :) I do like the scarf.
    The tatting lace sweater is nice, but be warned that the lace is open. And it comes down quite low. I'm never sure how to wear these items as it reveals too much of my bra, but I think a cami would look strange underneath. I should have sized down, but I'm not sure how much that would have helped.

  8. VaporousBreeze, thanks! You are too kind. :)

    Tabitha, you are cracking me up. Don't hold back! :D

    xoxo: it would never pass gigi's 'bend-over' test.

    Suzy, I like it in small portions, such as the bathing suits.

    WFF, you are welcome! "ramped-up 50s tropical cruise wear" - you are hilarious!

    CC: you can get it now and wear it as a tunic, like you said. Why wait for July? :))

    math teacher: I agree, and that's funny about the SA. Thanks for the tip on the sweater. I will check it in person before I buy.

  9. I'm not a fan of the Ashbury Floral print in general, so I'll be passing on all the items it is being offered in. Thank you for the review of the dress though. It's always nice to be able to see what it looks like on.

    Have a very Happy New Year Rose! :)

  10. I looooove the print on the tank suit, and I think if you put a cardigan over the dress it would be pretty. Happy New Year Rose!

  11. FFM, this pattern sure is controversial among the JCAs! I would like it in a bathing suit.

    Me too, Sue! Happy New Year to you too!

  12. New here!

    For some reason I love it in perfect shirt wih navy or jade pant/skirt. The scarf would also be nice with a solid dress.

  13. I love the bathing suit!
    I was eyeing the dress too!
    Happy New Year!

  14. Hi Michelle P! Thanks for visiting! I think it would be nice even with a much brighter skirt -- like the neon azalea -- picking up that pink from the pattern of the blouse... or any other colour from the pattern. Scarf would look nice with anything solid, I agree.

    Happy New Year, melissa! Thanks for visiting!

  15. I agree the DRESS in the Ashbury Floral is just tooo OTT-and I wouldn't want this print in a bathing suit either-However I LOVE the shirt and, especially, the scarf in this print--I have the Scarf and some polyvores/IRL's on my blog if interested!!!


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