Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Gap - Early December

The Gap hasn't inspired me to go visit in quite some time, but if there are 2 things you can count on at the Gap, are their jeans and their puffer jackets. I tried on a pair of skinnies for fun. I don't think I like pants so tight on me. I prefer a matchstick or a bootcut instead. These are the 1969 Lightweight Supersoft Always Skinny Jeans size 27R in terra brown. These pants are even softer than the version from last year I tried on, and I do not recall lyocell on last year's labels. As I mentioned previously, lyocell is a type of rayon. Read more about it here. I cannot find the top (size S) on the website yet. The background is a nice taupy-mauve and the flowers are more colourful than I see them on my monitor. I could have easily sized down to and XS.

Floral top (similar here, here or here)

I was looking for the San Francisco Graphic Tee, but they didn't have it in the store. It reminds me of the bicycle tee from JC last year, except this one is dusty rose.

And now on to the puffer jackets. I saw 2 short ones and 2 longer ones, but only tried one of each on. The website has several others. Check them out here. First is the Moto Puffer Jacket size XS and pink colour. Of course I'd go for the pink. I always gravitate toward that colour. It's tight across the chest, so I should have stuck with the regular size S.

Moto Puffer Jacket (more pink puffers here, here or here) 

The other one I tried on is the Long Puffer Jacket in the blue colour and size S. This jacket is down, and it's extremely light and warm. I had it on for about 2 minutes and I was already becoming overheated. The gray colour is on sale for $69.99 right now, while the blue one is $79.99. The Gap is also offering a 35% discount at checkout with the code GAPGIFT until December 9, so you can get either for a steal right now.

Long Puffer Jacket (similar here or here)

The Mac Jacket would be a nice spring/summer coat. I liked it because it's so colourful.

Mac Jacket (similar here or here)

I was curious to see and inquired about the Leather Pilot Jacket and the Leather Knit-Collar Jacket but they were not carried in this particular store. The SA said I can order them online and return to the store if items don't fit.

Leather Pilot Jacket (similar here or faux leather here)

Leather Knit-Collar Jacket (similar here or here)

Other gap.com items that caught my eye:

My re-oredered Flared Perfect Coat apparently shipped. I am keeping fingers crossed that it fits. But just in case it doesn't, I think I may have found an alternative at Talbots, just discovered today. Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading, and have a great Wednesday!


  1. I think the striped sweater dress looks promising, but I haven't seen in the store to try. I think the skinnies look great on you, as does the long puffer.

  2. I used to swear by Gap jeans, but they have so much spandex in them now that they're baggy in a few hours, at least on me. I like the moto puffer jacket on you.

  3. Hi Sue! I loved both sweaterdresses, but neither is available to try on in the store up here.

    HI Lady C.! Thanks for stopping by. Check out the new ones. The fabric content is different from the previous years.


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