Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Talbots Reviews & Sale

While killing time before an appointment earlier, I popped into Talbots, knowing that they started (yet) another sale today. The B&M store was offering a 30% discount on sale items. I noticed a few new items since my last stop in there, among them the Colorblocked Shoulder-Button Dress (size S). This dress was instant love. The label says 'pure Italian merino' and it is a substantial knit, even more substantial than the J. Crew merino pencil skirt I got earlier this fall and blogged about here.

(more colorblock dresses here, here or here)

The solid colour version of this dress looks like this:

The next dress was not new, but I hadn't had the chance to try it on before. It's the Gilded Leopard Dress size 4. The back zipper is exposed, so some of you may not like that, although it didn't bother me. This dress fitted me perfectly. The bottom part of the bodice is a touch more loose and it folds over the skirt. It's made of cotton, silk, wool, and the top also has some metallic threads through it. It's a nice evening dress, and it is currently on sale.

Next is the Jackie Fit Mohair & Wool Jacket size 4 in highland heather. This is the kind of fabric that I love to wear in the winter. There is also a matching skirt, but I am not sure I would wear these together. Both the jacket and the skirt come in two other colours.

Since my time was limited, I didn't get to try on much else, but I had to take a pic of these Bow Touch Gloves. I had a really good chuckle when I read the label. I was surprised to see Talbots was not the only store offering these. I must be really behind the times. Five different colours are available.

Bow Touch Gloves (similar here, here or leather ones here)

Other lovelies that I didn't get to try but would love to on my next trip:
And this is the scarf I attempted to order again this morning online. I hope I don't get a second e-mail telling me it's been sold out. I blogged about it here before. It's really pretty in real life.

Leopard Print Scarf

Are you considering getting anything this sale at Talbots, or are you holding out for bigger and better bargains come this Friday?

Hope you are having a good week so far.

*Edited to add that I got a second cancellation e-mail about this scarf. I guess I am not meant to have animal print, and that's that. Their inventory system must be worse than J. Crew's.


  1. Ok I want the gloves and with those pads they are almost a medical necessity these days.

  2. I love the solid color sweater dress, but I'm basically steering clear of the multitude of sales these days. I already have my winter wardrobe pretty much set, and there's only so much one can wear! I feel bad, though, because the economy could use a boost. Maybe I'll have to reconsider just to do my patriotic duty!

  3. I love that dress! I'm always a fan of classic dresses with little embellishments that make it unique!

  4. T., I thought of all the iPhone and Android users when I saw that. I am still resisting them...

    Sue, I know what you mean. I get bombarded daily with sales. One big, black Friday, coming up!

    Jess, it's a beautiful dress! You would love it.

  5. Rose, I ordered the scarf (actually three--thought they would be great additions to a couple Christmas gifts), and also got the cancellation email. I emailed facebook@talbots.com (inc. order # and style #) and they located them and held them in a store in CA (store # was 408-354-3363 if you want to see if they have more). Worth a shot--good luck :)

  6. Could you give me advice? My parameters are bust - 35.4, waist - 29, hips - 37.8. I'm 165cm tall. Which size will more better for me? I would like to buy some dresses/ For example:
    What do you think? Thank you.


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