Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Banana Republic New Arrivals (November)

Earlier this week I checked the Banana Republic new arrivals. Most stores are getting their 'holiday' items, and BR is one of them. One of the items I noticed immediately was the Lace Glimmer Dress. I am wearing size 4 and the top is tight on me. The skirt part fit perfectly. I should have taken a second look at the label before taking it into the fitting room: nylon/polyester/metallic. At the price point of $198US ($240CAD), this is a definite pass.

Next I tried on the Sparkle Sweater Dress in size S and medium heather gray. It also comes in red heather. This one has a mix of all kinds of fibers: wool (40%), nylon (36%), poly (11%), cashmere (6%), metallic (7%). At 5'9 1/2" in heels, this dress is way too short on me. I also think it is too long to wear with my minnie pants.

New was also the Double-Faced Wool Belted Wrap Coat, size S. The colour I am wearing is not available on the website yet. This coat has no lining, so I am wondering how well it would hold up to wear. Its content is wool/nylon 90/10.

Double-Faced Wool Belted Wrap Coat (more double-faced wool coats here, here or here)

Lastly, an eye-catching Leopard print faux fur jacket which is also not on the website yet, size S, item #884489.What do you know it, it looks like I planned my outfit around it. There are lots of faux fur animal print jackets out there. One of my favourite is this one available at Macy's.

Faux Fur Leopard Jacket (similar here, here or here)

The store had a lot of jewelry on sale, if you are interested. On Wednesdays, the stores also offer some percentage off, usually.

Thanks for checking in and hope you are having a great week so far!


  1. I was excited about the dress, but not about the price & quality though! Thanks for posting this.

  2. p.s. referring to the lace glimmer dress! :)

  3. The sweater dress looks so cute, but I hate that awkward in-between length, too. I have to get over to BR and check it out for myself, thanks!

  4. That glimmer dress is really cute. It would work really well for holiday parties and events.
    I don't shop at BR very often, but have scored some really nice things in the past. I'll have to stop by soon.

  5. Rose, skirt length has been my main focus this year, I look back at blog pics and shudder at how short I was wearing my clothes.

  6. Bummer about the material of the lace glimmer dress, but it looks amazing on you! so flattering!

  7. Thanks for all the reviews Rose! I also like the Glimmer dress. The fabric content doesn't bother me too much if it were priced lower, although it seems that most designers/brands are now offering clothing with all sorts of different contents/blends to them at very high prices. Such a shame.

    The faux-fur jacket at BR and the one you like at Macy's are very cute. I wish it were colder here in winter so that I could justify another faux-fur coat.

    Have a lovely evening and thank you for always stopping by my blog to leave me always make my day! :)

  8. LR, I got what you were saying. I can't believe the fabric used was all synthetic!

    Sue: depends on your height, but I thought a belt and minnies might solve that problem.

    fshnonmymind, if you are willing to wait a bit, you can really score good deals at BR! They have some of the best sales.

    T., now that you are mentioning it, I do notice your skirts getting longer. But they suit you really well!

    skippysays, thank you! Yes, it is a beautiful dress otherwise!

    FFM, I am sure if I needed to, I could stick it out for a few hours in that fabric. But the dress would have to go on a major sale before I would even look at buying it. You are very welcome! I always enjoy reading your blog.


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