Monday, November 7, 2011

Anthro - Early November

I had a couple of items to show you that I left from last week, plus a couple more I tried on today. The first one is the Dressage Sweatercoat size S. The equestrian theme, and the animal theme in general, seems to be in all stores this year, and it is present at Anthro as well. I didn't think this sweatercoat looked very appealing online, but it sure caught my eye in the store. There are no buttons to hold it closed, so I tried it on with the Stitched Perimeter Belt in the second photo. I think it looks better belted, in my opinion. It is made from a knit material (100% lambswool). It's warm and cozy and I loved the fact that it also had a hoodie.

 Dressage Sweatercoat (more animal prints here or here)
Stitched Perimeter Belt (more great Anthro belts here or here)

Speaking of animal motifs, I also noticed a couple of shirts upstairs. One of them had a mauve background and black horses, while the other one was this.

It has little orange mice printed on it. And speaking of horses, even Hermes has a horse print scarf this year.

The next item that I tried on was the Tartan Boucle Blazer. It appears this item is already sold out online, but it is still available in the Vancouver store, for anyone interested. I personally didn't like the massive ruffles that gather on the chest. It adds a lot of volume. Also there is only one hook and eye closure at waist level, so the sides do not overlap for complete coverage. They are only held together by the tied belt. The fabric felt squeaky to the touch, due to the high synthetic content in it.  

Today I also managed to end up in Anthro (don't ask) and saw a couple of other new items I thought I'd try on. First is the Dimensional Jacquard Sweatercoat size XS.  This might have worked better had I not had a sweatshirt underneath, but I would probably go for size S, my usual size in sweaters. I loved the lively colour, as well as the wool content of this sweater.

Dimensional Jacquard Sweatercoat  (another sweatercoat here)

Lastly, I tried on the Kentfield Blazer size 6. This jacket is nice and well made, but it is very short, so keep that in mind. I could have perhaps sized down to a 4 had I not worn the thick sweatshirt underneath.  

Kentfield Blazer (similar here, or here)

The store was extremely busy for a Sunday afternoon. I was on the lookout for my current obsession, the Beaded Felt Pencil Skirt, but it hasn't appeared yet. The SA wasn't able to tell me if it would, at some point.

As always, thanks for reading and have a great beginning of the week, everyone!


  1. I too was drawn to the Dressage Sweatercoat because I love anything with horses on it. LOVE the way you belted it - makes all the difference!

  2. Hello Rose:
    The belt certainly makes a huge difference to the sweatercoat, although we are never very fond of animal motifs if we are absolutely honest. From what you are saying, with our reluctance to have any fauna prints on our clothes we shall have to go around practically naked this season....or stay in!!

  3. I'm not a huge fan of the animal motifs, but the sweater coat is the best I've seen. I hope you're getting it, it looks great on you, and super cozy, I'm guessing.

  4. Aargh Rose, why did you make e click that link, now it's my obsession!
    All weekend, I've been staring at a pic of a sequin maxi skirt worn with a cable sweater, of course I have nowhere to go in such a dressy look but this is the more wearable version -love!

  5. OperaRach, I liked the look of it belted. Otherwise it looks too messy to me.

    Jane & Lance: I am not fond of any animal print, but it's almost like there is no escaping this season, is there? Haha! I'm sure there is no need to go around naked. :) Thanks for stopping by!

    Sue: I am not getting any more coats right now. I still haven't gotten to my Flared coat that's waiting for me in Seattle. :)

    Tabitha: it's a gorgeous skirt, and that ensemble would look fabulous on you, I think. Let me know if you want me to ship over when I come at Christmas time. :D Another cheaper alternative is the Dayna sequin skirt from Banana Republic one I blogged about earlier here. It is also a great looking sequin skirt.

  6. Rose I love that Dressage Sweater Coat on you, it looks very warm, I was actually surprised to see it is lambswool, no synthetics! JCrew is using so much acrylic this season and it's a total non-starter for me.
    I just saw the beaded felt pencil skirt in my Anthro catalog which came today and it looks like a special piece. Yes it would look fabulous on both you and Tabs!
    Thanks for the reviews!

  7. Gorgeous blog you have! I think this post is one of your best yet!!


  8. Aha! There's the sweater coat on you! It fits you very well, and yes, thumbs up on adding the belt.

    I'm glad I'm not liking much at Anthro right now. While the catalog is lovely, I'm not finding much to drool over, as many of the pieces have no place in my life(style). And my picks from earlier are not on sale yet. My wallet is grateful. ;)

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  10. Dani: thank you! I like it, but I need a raincoat more than I need something like this. I agree, JC has way too much acrylic and poly this year. Ah yes... the skirt. I hope for my sake that I don't get to see it. I already did enough damage this morning over at JC.

    Lucija, thank you!

    CC: I know what you mean. Some pieces are so out there, I don't see how I could fit them in my work wardrobe. And that's about the only place I dress up for. On weekends I wear jeans, as you know. :)

  11. Rose: The bags contained your namesake bath oils.
    I love the skirt but I have nowhere to wear it, I just don't have a need for party clothes, the theatre/opera is as fancy as it gets and over here no one dresses up for that.

  12. I like that dressage sweater-coat too on you, especially online. Some Anthro stuff may seem a little much; last year there was this bulky dog-print sweater that I got on clearance that I thought I would never wear, but strangely enough, I do wear it when I'm in a whimsical mood. Plus it's very warm. Wouldn't pay full-price, but if the price is right, I don't mind wearing animal prints and the like, I just have to be in the right mood. Thanks for the reviews!

  13. Wait, I don't know what I mean by my last comment "especially online" -- I think the online bit is meant for the second sentence, oops.

  14. Rose, you are all ready for the country in that dressage cardigan. The belt makes it look very smart indeed.

    Horses are definitely everywhere this season. I got my fix last year with this scarf in fuschia.

  15. T., I love the JM rose scent too! Yeah, the skirt is a bit expensive.

    dinster, I agree, not sure I would ever pay full price for anything wool either.

    xoxo: I figure I'd blend right in during the Stampede week! Cute Pegasus! Of course it would be in a purple! :)


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