Thursday, October 20, 2011

Talbots New Arrivals - October (I)

I did a quick tour of Talbots to check out new arrivals during my lunch hour today. Not much in the way of coats, but noticed a few new dresses, skirts and tops. I am certain more holiday items will arrive later on, but for now I saw the Shadow Jacquard Pleated Skirt size 4P. The skirt fits comfortably on my waist with room to spare. It is made from the same fabric as last year's dress I blogged about already. The blouse is the Silk Pintuck Top and probably wouldn't wear it with the skirt in real life.

 Silk Pintuck Top (similar here or here)

Another new skirt was the Chloe Plaid Pencil Skirt, also in size 4P. This skirt is fully lined. It also fits a bit tighter and is shorter than the other pencil skirts I have tried at Talbots in this size. 


Lastly, the same vests as last year (scroll to the bottom of the post) are back again. This time I tried the silver one, but I saw white and gold available in the store as well. It looks and feels warm and luxurious. This is a Petite S and it fits well. There were no regular S sizes in the store.

I also saw a couple of interesting dresses which I will try to review next time. 

Talbots is having a 40% off a single fully-priced item sale on Saturday, Oct. 22. Ask your SA for a coupon. I got one last time I was in the store.

Have a great Friday, everyone!


  1. It's good to see that beautiful fabric in a skirt. I'll have to try to remember to wear my dress as a skirt by putting a black pullover sweater over it, or some other color. I don't know about the lining of that vest collar. Looks super galactic. *lol*

  2. More Hallowe'en fun, I love it!

    I really the skirt and in tuck blouse, I never buy fancy "holiday" clothes, we just don't really go anywhere or do anything special in December, it would be lovely to buy pretties but sniff, not for me alas.

  3. Hello Rose:
    The Jacquard fabric is so very pretty, capable of being dressed up or down we should think. Yes, that skirt definitely appeals.

    As for the Star Trek 'vest'. Well, although it looks such fun on you, we rather think that we should resemble crew members from the Starship Enterprise.....perhaps we need to resist!!

  4. I love the jacquard skirt, the blouse, and the vest looks very nice.
    I'm in the "need" of a white vest :-)
    Cute Halloween deco, much better than the real pumpkins, that get spoiled very fast :-(

  5. gigi: I remember you in that dress. It's fab! Oh, the collar is the same fabric as the vest... it's just the lighting. :)

    T.: Hallowe'en is quite big here. I see people have already decorated windows and yards. I shoudl try to take some photos. I agree, the skirt and the blouse are very festive!

    Jane and Lance H.: it's a gorgeous skirt! The vest is nice, I promise! Jane would love it, I'm sure!

    Andrea: I am amazed at how many fun Halloween decorations are out there! I love all those pieces I tried... Talbots is reusing the same ideas that worked last year, I see.

    Jess: it's very pretty, I agree!

  6. I love the skirt! It would look amazing with a white tank.

  7. Melanie: it's very pretty, isn't it?


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