Monday, October 31, 2011

J. Crew - Late October (II)

Here I am trying on the No. 2 Pencil Skirt In Double Serge Wool size 2. The label says BVI, and the SA said that would be 'bright violet.' It's an in-store item only, as I cannot see it on the website. The colour is gorgeous. The top is the Silk Scoopneck Blouse In Royal Paisley size 0, and I blogged about it in my previous post, along with the No. 2 Pencil Skirt In Royal Paisley.

No. 2 Perfect Skirt In Double Serge Wool (similar colour in a mini here)
Mona Pumps (similar here)

Next I changed tops and tried on the Shimmer Bow Sweater size XXS. This is two sizes down from my regular J. Crew sweater size. I liked the bow at the back, but I could feel the metallic threads scratching my skin.

 Shimmer Bow Sweater (similar here or here)

Colorblock-Stripe Long-Sleeve Tee also size XXS. The sleeves were tight, so I would probably size up to an XS. Still, that is smaller than my usual S size in J. Crew tops.

Colorblock-Stripe Long-Sleeve Tee (more colorblock tees here or here)

Next was the Silk Scoopneck Blouse In Seine Stripe size 0. This blouse is not made of silk, as the name would imply. I apologize for the blurry photo. The pants are the Cafe Trousers In Wool, size 2 and maraschino cherry colour. This is my regular pant size at JC, but I would prefer them about 2-3 inches longer for when I wear heels. So I would order a Tall size for that reason alone. Pants are unlined, which is unfortunate, but at least the wool is soft and not itchy at all on my skin. See them on Ema here.

Silk Scoopneck Blouse In Seine Stripe (similar in real silk here or a silk tank here)
Cafe Trousers In Wool  (similar here or here)

I will get to the rest of the photos later tonight and post those too. Stay tuned for a good laugh.

Happy Hallowe'en, everyone!


  1. I literally reviewed the exact same items over on my blog! Love that Seine stripe top although wish it came in different colors/patterns. Everything looks great on you!

  2. Thanks for these reviews! OperaRach is spot on, everything looks great on you!! And, everything looks great on you too, OperaRach!!!

  3. Thanks for the reviews! What is the fabric on the stripe top if not 100% silk? The name is misleading if its not the case.

  4. Thanks for these reviews! The red café trousers look great on you!! How does the bright violet compare to the bright dahlia of last year? (i.e. are they different enough that I'm justified in buying another skirt? ;-) LOL!).

  5. OperaRach & rynetta PhD, thank you! I will come for a visit later on when I have more time!

    Sunny, the fabric is 100% rayon. Sorry, I should have mentioned that. The name says 'silk,' the website says 'viscose/rayon' and the label says 'rayon.' I wish they would make up their minds.

    Thank you, Louise! I am planning on getting these or another, more subdued colour later on. I think this skirt is closer to the blue spectrum instead of the red, so closer to the purples than to pinks. Hope I am making sense. Not sure if you would be justified to get another one, but that is your call. :)

  6. Excellent reviews, you and CC must have had a blast on your shopping trip. I love the new skirt but it looks darker than I expected, compared to other bright violet items online. Maybe it's just the photo.

    Did you take your usual size in the No.2 pencil skirt or did you have to SU/SD?

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. I like the bow at the back too but I can't do scratchy and ooh I would love a pencil skirt in that colour.

  8. LOL we tried on couple of the same things... the colorblock tee and trousers! Post will be up later tonight. :D

  9. Thanks for the peek at the bright violet pencil skirt...they're fast becoming my uniform this winter, and they are one of the few pieces that I've found at the JC Factory that I think live up to the original. I love the new color.

  10. I think I'd love the shimmer sweater more if the ribbon part was nicer - but those trousers fit you like a dream!

  11. I loved those pants too, but the lack of lining made it not so pretty from the back. They look great on you.
    I thought the pencil skirt was a paler version of bright dahlia and as you said more purple than pink. I will be passing on it as I have last year's version.

  12. Sunny, I edited the first post to show the top fabric content (100% rayon).

    xoxo: it was a fun day. It could be just the lighting in the fitting room. I did take the usual size 2 in these pencil skirts. No need to size up or down, in my opinion.

    T.: if you want to, I can get it and mail it to you in December from Switzerland. Just let me know.

    CC: I saw a sneak preview of the colorblock tee in the photos.

    Sue, excellent choice: fabric, cut and colours!

    Lisa, it could be prettier, I agree. You would just have to wear your hair down to cover it.

    A, I think I'd be safe with the correct underwear. :) But I agree, they should have lining.

  13. Lovely long legs in the trousers. They look great. You always look smashing in a pencil skirt. I know I've said this a million times, but heck, it's true. So prepare for more in the future ;)

  14. gigiofca: thank you for the lovely compliments. You are too sweet!


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