Monday, October 3, 2011

J. Crew -- Early October (I)

On my most recent trip I was able to try on the Double-Cloth Envelope Coat. This was a favourite from the new rollouts, along with the Flared Perfect Coat.  I tried both sizes 0 and 2, as this coat fits large. I did fit into a 0, but it was a tighter fit. The size 2 fitted perfectly. For reference, I took a size 4 in last year's Sasha Peacoat.

Double-Cloth Envelope Coat (size 0)(similar here , here or here)

On my feet I am wearing a pair of size 8 Booker Boots. My calf is 13.5 inches at its thickest, so these boots fit too large on me. They were comfortable and quite light. Normally I am a size 8M in JC shoes.   

Booker Boots (similar here or here)

I was also able to see up close a Kirtley Satchel return in the cobblestone colorway. I liked its proportion to my body (I am 5'6"). It has a large opening for easy access and interior pockets on each side. The leather looked smooth and quite sturdy, unlike the Lockwood or the Bronwyn bags.

I also took the  Maisie Dress for a spin. It's not flattering at all, which is too bad, because it's made of a nice, silk chiffon fabric. This is a size 2.

Maisie Dress (similar colour here or here)

Lastly (at least for now), here's the Majesty Peacoat made of the stadium cloth fabric. I loved this peacoat, and if I hadn't gotten one at the end of the season last year, I would have seriously considered it. It's soft and comfortable, and the buttons look luxurious.

Majesty Peacoat (similar here, here or here)

I have more pictures for a future post. Thanks for reading!

Have you tried any of the JC coats this year? What did you think?


  1. I tried the majesty peacoat but I thought the buttons felt light and flimsy. I did like the longer, slim silhouette. It seemed a bit more flattering than the one I bought last year but like you, I have already so not buying another this year. Thanks for sharing the photos and reviews! Always appreciated.

  2. I like the envelope coat & peacoat. The satchel looks pretty good, too. Thanks for sharing pics :)

  3. Love that envelope coat on you and I'm a sucker for their peacoats. The satchel looks really nice on you -- I was eyeing it in the cognac-y color. Thanks for the reviews! Look forward to the rest. :)

  4. Those boots look huge on you -- even if you have slim calves, they look like they would be huge on someone with wider calves. Hm. I like the envelope coat, but it's not very versatile. And is that a raw-edge hem on the neckline of the Maisie dress? If so, I wish they would stop doing that. In any case, thanks for the reviews!

  5. xoxo: I am comparing the buttons with the other ones I've seen these year and I liked these better. I think BR does buttons the best, in my opinion. I would prefer a longer coat, and the Talbots one si at the top of my list right now.

    gigiofca: they are both good quality coats, and the satchel is better than what I've seen this year.

    shopwithm: thank you! I think I would prefer the other colour as well. It seems more versatile. You're welcome!

    dinster: tell me about it! It's the curse of my life. Finding a skinny boot is always a challenge. Yes, it's a raw edge on the neckline and sleeves as well. You are very welcome!

  6. that dress... I wouldn't wear it to a wake in a trailer park.

  7. WFF: well said. Who does this look good on, I wonder?

  8. That bag! I have been eyeing for weeks, especially in the Warm Redwood. Do you recall what color the trim was on the Cobblestone?

  9. audreybella: I believe it was a very dark brown. Or at that's what it looked to me in the store.

  10. I don't know who would suit that dress, it's the oddest shape.
    Oh don't get me started on boots, I have athletic calves but most boots still gape on me.

  11. Thank you for the wonderful reviews. I do too love Majestic peacoat, the colors, the buttons. Alas, I do not need one.

  12. I went to the store today hoping they would have some coats, but no luck.

    I love the shape of the envelope coat because it looks a bit different.

    I actually have the Maisie dress in a floral print. I'm not crazy about where the seam is under the bust area but I'm going to try and make it work because it was final sale.

  13. Did you ever get the correct size in the vibrant flame envelope coat? Was just wondering how it turned out and looked


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