Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Crewlet - Mid October

Mandatory stop on the way back from Seattle was at the outlets on I-5. The JC Factory store was buzzing with people. I am not sure I have ever seen it that packed before. The additional 30% off sale items must have been why. I found very few new items that I thought are worth a second look, among them a couple of skirts. The first one is the yellow Sunnie skirt form last year. The original was pure wool, while this one is a wool/poly mix. The pattern looks identical from afar, but up close you can tell the differences. Still, a pretty good imitation of the original, and if you missed out on it and want it, the factory version may be a good option. I am wearing size 2 here, and would say it fits TTS. The top is the Factory Merino Boyfriend Sweatshirt in navy and size XS. Previously I tried the S on, but the XS fits nicely too.

Factory Sunnie Skirt (a jacquard here)

The second skirt I tried is the Factory Timber Tweed Skirt, also size 2. I didn't check my original skirt for fabric content, but this one's wool/poly/acrylic. The skirt looks like the spitting image of the original to me. Again, it's a good choice if you missed out on last year's model.

Factory Timber Tweed Skirt (more tweed skirts here, here or here)

What did you think of these 2 factory versions? Are you considering getting one?

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Hello Rose:
    You always seem to manage to snap up such amazing bargains and they always look so stylish on you. We have never had success at sales and so have given up trying.

    And what do you have in mind for the 'cookie pan'?

  2. Can't take my eyes off the cookie pan, I've never seen one before, oh I wish I had kid to make Hallowe'en treats for.

  3. Jane and Lance: I'm a bargain hunter. Can't recall when I paid full price for anything.

    I have in mind Halloween cookies, of course. :) I bake for fun.

    T.: you have to visit Williams-Sonoma when you come over across the pond. I can literally spend HOURS in that store.


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