Friday, October 28, 2011

Anthro - Late October

I'm glad I survived the week and now I am looking forward to the weekend. Anthro was nice enough to send me a belated birthday coupon which is about to expire. As you can guess, I had to go check out the latest arrivals in the store. Right at the entrance I came across the Tile-Quilted Mini Skirt in 2 colourways. This is the red one (size 2), while the other one is blue/yellow. The sweater is a lovely deep orange Cashmere Boatneck size XS. The vest is the  Plush Pretender Vest in size XS. It is similar to the Banana Republic one I blogged about here, but I prefer the BR one better, as it feels shinier to the touch and more luxurious. However, I loved the lining of the Plush Pretender Vest!

I had read from Roxy's blog about the Tiered Stripes Dress. This is the fall version of the Layered Column Dress I blogged about here before. While size S was quite tight on me in the summer version, it fitted me just fine in tiered stripes.
Tiered Stripes Dress (similar here and a skirt here)

Another very lovely dress is the Dulcie Dress. I liked the black motif better, but it still not a style that suits me at all. It's also too short (I am 5'6"), and the waist is too high. That said, it is still a very pretty dress. I apologize for blurry photo #1. Look at the detail of the dress in the second photo.


Lastly, an item I noticed in the 'Lounge' area. It is the Makalu Hoodie  by Aiko, size S. It's soft and cozy, and I didn't want to take it off, given that Vancouver weather has started, as of this morning, to live up to its reputation. It's wet and miserable out there! But at $275, I think I will stick with my Sherpa Zip Hoodie I got from J. Crew during the 25% off promo.

What did I end up getting with my birthday coupon? More towels. While I have been waiting for the Perpetual Bloom Towels in light grey to go on sale, I saw the ones called Newick. They were  much softer and already on sale and I got another 15% off the sale price.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. I love the pattern on that skirt- so vibrant with the cashmere sweater too!

  2. Towels? Oh I think we're all growing up! This week I sold a pair of Louboutin boots on Ebay and took the proceeds to Marks and Spencers where I bought three pairs of two inch heels suitable for wearing everyday.
    Where have our dreams gone Rose?

  3. I love the 1st skirt & the column dress on you.

  4. thatdamngreendress, the skirt looks much nicer in the store, if you get the chance to see it!

    Haha, T.! Great buys at M&S. I miss that store. Hopefully we will see the sensible shoes you bought. :)

    gigiofca, I really like that dress, and am trying to think if I could wear it at the office, but unfortunately I can't. And my weekends are spent in jeans, mostly.


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