Tuesday, September 6, 2011

White Lace

I posted the Polyvore set for this photo back here. Summer has arrived late this year, so I am trying to get as much wear as possible out of my two J. Crew blouson dresses before packing them away for the winter. Luckily, the weather is co-operating with me so far. The heels are comfortable even after spending an entire day in them and despite the fact that I am 4.5" off the ground (platform included).

  J. Crew Cadabra Cardigan (similar here , here or here)
J. Crew Lace Blouson Dress  (more white lace dresses here, here or here)
 J. Crew Nicola Platform Sandals (similar here, here or here)
Coach Embossed Patent Leather Tote (similar-ish here or here)

Hope everyone has had a safe start to the week. I can't believe it's Wednesday already!

Inspired by Tabitha's post...  enjoy!


  1. Great outfit! It's suppose to get to almost 30 this weekend! I can't wait to kick my cold to the curb!

  2. Thank you, kristin, and thanks for visiting!

    Thanks, CC! Hope you'll get better by the weekend so that you can enjoy the nice weather!

  3. Do you think we've increased his sales? The footsteps at the beginning of that used to put the fear of death into me when my parents were out.

    4.54 inches, wowza, I wish I could hoof all day in heels, I keep them for soirees out now.

  4. I agree with Tabitha, if I wore those shoes I'd soon be in a crumpled heap on some curb...and I need them at only 5'2". The rest of the outfit is gorgeous, as always. Enjoy the summer while you can!

  5. T.: not sure that he needs our help, but whatever we can do, why not? :) I am hoofing around in them while I still can.

    Sue: thank you very much! We had another nice day today.


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