Friday, September 16, 2011

Two Anthro Skirts

While stopping briefly at the Anthro store yesterday I noticed a couple of new skirts and a sweater. The sweater was the Oblique Pointelle Pullover  in grey and size XS. The body fits well, while the sleeves are tight. I know I don't have skinny arms, but these sleeves are way too tight. The oblique neckline goes so far to the side that it reveals my bra strap. It is also too thin -- you can see right through it. The one positive is that it's wool and is not itchy either. The Cinched Ponte Skirt (in size 2, grey) was extremely annoying to put on because of the double buckle on the waist band, detail I'm showing in the second photo. It takes forever to do it up. I could have probably sized up to a 4 in this one for a better fit.

I loved this next skirt in the larger (M) size: the Gentle Touch Pencil Skirt in wine colour. The regular size S was a bit too close and showing every curve. The medium fitted a bit better. The cashmere in the mix of the yarn makes this skirt extremely soft. The moss colorway seems too close to the JC Merino Pencil Skirt I blogged about here, which I got a few weeks ago.

Gentle Touch Pencil Skirt (size M)(similar in grey here or in yellow here)

Looking at the sale section I saw that two of my Anthro favourites are on sale: Splashed Palette Dress and the Aine Skirt I blogged about here. The Square Study Skirt (see review here) is also on sale.

But the nicest things that I would like to have from Anthro are the Perpetual Bloom Towels in the light grey colorway. They would go nicely in my new bathroom.

Have you been to Anthro lately? What caught your eye?

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. I really like the gentle touch skirt, is it a knit? I have to get one of the knit pencil skirts that are out this season, I just love the concept. Comfort and cuteness!

  2. I really love the anthro skirts you tried on! I haven't been to anthro lately; even though the store here is fairly large, I just don't seem to see anything that interests me. They rarely have the things I like online. Thanks for your reviews and photos, as I would def. consider them!

  3. Love the pencil skirt. It looks STUNNING! Also the pullover is amazing. I love the little extra added details. It makes a HUGE difference.

  4. Sue: it is a knit skirt, and sizing up makes it look better. I love knit skirts, and almost makes me want to whip out my knitting needles... almost. :)

    Suzy: luckily the Canadian store is less than half the size of the US stores I've seen, otherwise I'd get lost.

    Melanie: thank you. I loved the detail on the pullover, but it was too thin. Definitely need a layer underneath.

  5. I really find Anthro to be hit and miss. I do love that second pencil skirt on you, it is stunning, but that's probably your figure! I tried the merino pencil from JCrew and holy lumpy bumpy, they don't make enough spanx for that! Again it's a figure thing.
    I didn't even know Anthro sold towels, I'll go have a look at your favorites. I'm helping my sister settle into a new house and she needs everything!

  6. DaniBP: thank you! I did get that same merino skirt in a larger size and I think it works. Anthro has lingerie, linens and towels. Sigh!... I like all of them.

  7. The Gentle Touch pencil skirt looks fantastic on you! Like DaniBP, I find knit skirts to be a tough thing on my own figure, but I really admire them on others who have the figure for it.

  8. ITA with others, you make the Gentle Touch pencil look awesome! I like that our store isn't very big, I'd get sensory overload if there was any more frilly goodness! Thanks for the reviews :)

  9. Louise & CC, I am flattered you think that! Maybe I should put it on my wishlist then. :)) Yes, Anthro has a wishlist option on their website.


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