Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Talbots - September

I walked into Talbots to try their suede booties in warm taupe, and got distracted by these instead. My usual 8M size fitted perfectly on. I wouldn't mind something like this in a lighter colour for the summer, but now it's time to think boots, so I moved right along.

 Suede Open-Toe Lace-Up Bootie (similar here, here or wedges here

The booties were not available in the warm taupe colour which would go perfectly with my JC peacoat I got earlier this year, but I tried them on for size regardless. Again, these boots fit TTS for me.

 Crepe-Sole Suede Bootie (more of the same here, here, and wedges here or here)

I found the Double-Faced Wool Pencil Skirt in size 2P this time, and tried it on again. This is the chinchilla colour, and it fits perfectly. Here it is with the Cheetah-Print Cardi in size S. I don't like it on me, for some reason. The combo of short sleeves and animal print don't appeal to me. I liked this print better on the velvet jacket I blogged about here.

Cheetah-Print Cardi (longer sleeve versions here, here or here

Lastly, I noticed the Kate Fit Glen Check Jacket. I thought it was a bit more sporty looking than the usual Talbots jackets. Size 4 fitted quite generously, and I think a 2 would do as well.

Hope you are having a great week so far.


  1. Thanks for these reviews! I kind of want all the crepe-soled shoes because they are not only in a bunch of yummy suede colors, but they look awfully comfy ...

  2. Hello Rose:
    We know that we should be thinking about boots but, for the moment, we are still in summer mode as we bask in warm and sunny days in Budapest. The ankle boots looked very pretty on you and, we imagine, are comfortable. perfect with the pencil skirt and we rather liked you in the animal print!!!

  3. The suede booties look nice, and are very reminiscent of the J. Crew suede flannery boots. I have never looked at Talbots' shoes - how is the quality and how do they compare with J. Crew shoes?

  4. Lisa: You are welcome! They really are comfy!

    Jane and Lance: we are still much in summer mode as well. Thanks for visiting!

    Louise: yes, I think so too. They are quite comparable. In fact, the leather slingbacks I tried on this summer were even better quality -- all leather, upper, inner and sole.

  5. The cut and fit of the Glen Check Jacket are flawless, Talbots always has such elegantly cut jackets. I've been eying a pair of crepe-soled booties for a while but I'm holding out into I find a pair in the perfect bold shade of blue!

  6. woreout: thanks for visiting! I loved the jacket as well! I will let you know if I see blue booties anywhere.

  7. OMG. I am in love with the suede lace-up booties. Great pick! Did you find them comfortable? I normally shy away from anything over 2 1/2 inches heel-wise but those are to-die-for!


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