Friday, August 26, 2011

Talbots Fall Arrivals

On the way home I stopped to see the gorgeous Double-Faced Wool Wrap Coat Julianne Moore is modeling for Talbots. There was no size S in regular sizes, so the Petite S had to do. Nothing else to say except that I love it.

Double-Faced Wool Wrap Coat (similar here, here, here or here)

I also noticed a couple of pencil skirts that needed checking out. The first one is the Double-Faced Wool Pencil Skirt. The colour is close to the one of the coat, but not exactly the same. There was no size 2, so I gave the 4P a try, which fits a bit loose. The double-faced wool makes for a beautiful garment, as there is no need for a lining. I also love the pink in the Leopard Scarf, which goes nicely with the sweater I picked. 

Leopard Scarf (similar here, here or here)

The other pencil skirt was the Mulholland Tweed Pencil Skirt size 4. There is no size 2 in the store. It fitted loose as well. This skirt reminds me a lot of my Timber Tweed Pencil Skirt from J. Crew. All it's missing is some metallic copper threads through it.
Mulholland Tweed Pencil Skirt (similar here, here, here or here)

I also noticed several shoes but didn't have the patience to try them on. Maybe on my next trip. They looked really well made, and have been eyeing these in warm taupe to go with my warm taupe peacoat this winter.

I was just watching The International with my favourite actor and remembered a commercial that he made a few years back. Enjoy:

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. The coat's fab, very Angelina Jolie, my camel winter coat is like that but longer. Have a good weekend Rose.

  2. The coat looks so cozy. I remember one from J Jill last year that was the same style, and the double faced wool is such a luxurious fabric.

  3. Tabitha: the coat was definitely too short for me, but oh! so soft!

    Sue: it's a great fabric, isn't it? That skirt is on my list of things to get.

  4. Oh that wrap coat caught my eye too. It looks gorgeous! x


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