Sunday, August 21, 2011

J. Crew Pink

OK, I lied. There is only one pink item in the bunch, but it's my favourite of all the things I tried on. It's the No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Vintage Tweed size 2 (top photo) and size 4 (bottom photo). I have a thick denim shirt tucked in, but I still felt the skirt was a tighter fit than the No. 2 Pencil Double-Serge Wool Skirt I blogged about in the previous post. The Martina Patent Wedges I also blogged about in the previous post.

Martina Patent Wedges (similar colour shoes here or here)

There has been much talk about the Hacking Jacket in Herringbone on various blogs. See audreybella's blog here and shopwithm's blog here. I am trying out size 4 in charcoal colour. It's a tighter fit than most of my size 4 jackets from J. Crew. It is well made and it has a lining and blue piping (see photo below). If I were to choose though, I would go with a different jacket I tried on earlier called Nouvelle Jacket in Super 120s.

And an unexpected love for me too, to quote shopwithm, were the Cafe Capris in Houndstooth Wool. They fitted right on and the wool is beautiful. This is a size 2.

(similar here or here, or a darker colour also from J. Crew here)

Lastly, the Dream-Ribbed Yoga Cardigan in size XS and heather acorn. This is one size smaller than I normally wear in sweaters. It's nice and soft due to the cashmere content. Overall, I liked it, and hope for a sale on it soon.

Dream-Ribbed Yoga Cardigan (identical colour here or here)

And here's the Brompton Bucket Bag. It's a bit bigger than I expected. Do all J. Crew bags seem bigger in real life than on the website, or is it just me?

Brompton Bucket Bag (more bucket-style bags here, here or here)

My next post will probably be on the Factory items I tried on.

Hope everyone is having a great beginning of the week!


  1. You look sooo great in a pencil skirt. That's a flattering shade on you. I saw the capris today and they look really good. I didn't try them on, but ITA w/your review. :)

  2. The bags are always bigger IRL, it's true!
    That skirt is nearly identical to one sold two years ago which I own. It was a Collection item and I still love it.
    Looks great on you!

  3. Oh, that skirt and the capris look fabulous on you! (well, what doesn't really? :) Thanks so much for the link love!

  4. I know exactly what you mean about the bags, I ordered one a couple of years ago and when it arrived it was more like a carry-on than a purse! The plaid capris look great on you but I'm still wondering, what kind of footwear would you pair with them...short boots?

  5. I am considering the hacking jacket but would really like to see the Heather Grape before I decide -- did they have that color in your store?

  6. Love the pencil skirt and I love how you put it with the chambray shirt. Hot!

  7. That pencil skirt is just beautiful! I love pink it's the perfect shade for Fall!

  8. The vintage tweed pencil skirt looks great on you!! And yes, I agree, it seems like the majority of J. Crew bags are huge.

  9. gigiofca: thank you! You are too kind. Love the capris!

    DaniBP: aha! Good to know I wasn't imagining it then! I'd like to see that skirt, as it was before my ' JC era.' :) Maybe you can model it on your blog.

    shopwithm: thank you! I am flattered, and you are very welcome!

    Sue: I try not to fall into that trap again (after buying the Marquee tote last year), so I take out the ruler and try to figure how big the bag would be.

    dinster: I didn't notice that colour in the store. I hope you can see it before purchasing.

    Sunshine! I admit I copied the styling they had done for it in the store, so no, it's not original at all.

    triciathomas: yes, I agree. It's beautiful.

    Louise: thank you very much. Proves I wasn't the only person imagining about the bags. LOL


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