Monday, August 22, 2011

Crewlet in August

As promised, here are the latest Crewlet photos. First thing I laid eyes on was the factory version of the Tweed Tatum jacket I blogged about earlier here. The cut was more generous than the original version and it was a bit longer (both the body of the jacket as well as the sleeves). The fabric was quite different. To me, it felt cheap, partially due to the acrylic/poly content, although it wasn't as itchy as the original version, which had some mohair.


The skirt part of the dress is made from the same fabric, but it is really short. The jacket is a size 4, same size I took in the original version. The dress is size 2.

Since I started with the jackets, here's the Factory version of the Schoolboy Blazer in Prince of Wales Wool (item 47244, $188, size 4). It was quite boxy, maybe even more so than the other version of the schoolboy blazer, and it might look OK with a bit of steaming. The buttons I was not too crazy about.

Similar blazers here, here or here

Next is the Factory Wool Herringbone Professor Blazer. I recall having difficulty doing up the buttons. Also, the collar felt itchy at the back of my neck. The fabric and buttons alike looked rather cheap, in my opinion. This is a size 4 as well.

Lastly, here is the Factory Lace Love Tank in vintage wisteria, size 2. It looks nice, but the lace fabric is poly/nylon, while the lining is poly, I believe. The skirt is the Factory Printed Pencil Skirt size 2, green tea colour.

I also noticed several items brought over from the regular store. I checked the JC label and didn't have the 2 diamonds underneath the name. Last time I was there there was a large stock of Chambray Bermuda shorts. So now we know where some of the stock is taken when it disappears from the regular JC store. 

Hope you are having a great week so far. 


  1. Thanks for all the reviews and pics Rose! I also tried on the Factory Prince of Wales schoolboy and found the fit to actually be better and less boxy than the retail version. I didn't think the quality was too far off from the retail, but do agree about the buttons. That would be an easy fix by changing them out with more substantial ones though. I wouldn't mind getting it at under $100, so I'll probably keep checking my factory stores for it to get marked down. :)

  2. I went to a Crewlet yesterday and was completely uninspired. The Professor blazer was a little interesting, but I didn't like the weave. I much prefer the retail version.

  3. That's a shame about the professor blazer being itchy because I think it looks great on you. I wish Crewlet wasn't so darn expensive. I just can't fork over that much money for sub par clothes.

  4. Love the black and white blazer!

  5. Thanks for all the reviews! I definitely will be keeping an eye on the Prince of Wales blazer, and like FFM, could just change out buttons.

  6. FFM: I am glad you commented. I guess I should have tried a smaller size to see if it fits better. My schoolboy blazer in velvet definitely fits boxy.

    dinster: I can relate. The blazer could have potential but it is cheaply done. My friend's daughter got the navy peacoat and looked very cute on her. I should have taken a photo of her trying it on.

    Oper Rach: yes, it was a great fit, all other issues aside!

    Jess: it was pretty, but not well made, unfortunately.

    shopwithm: I hope you can get it on sale. Unfortunately that colour doesn't look good on me, even though the fabric is pretty.


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