Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Banana Republic - July Visit (I)

I haven't been to BR in quite some time but in the last week I ended up there twice. First thing I noticed was the Sequin Sweatshirt in XS and grey heather. The funniest thing happened next. I overheard a woman telling someone "this is a dead ringer for the one we saw in J. Crew last year." I turned around grinning ear to ear, and noticed the woman is a very well-known TV personality. That's the second time I am bumping into this lady. On another occasion she came to my workplace to interview a previous boss. 

The sweatshirt fit well, but for an XS, the arms were tight on me. The pants are the Linen blend boyfriend pants in size 2. They fit very comfortably and the fabric is extremely soft. However, they are a bit transparent, as you can see from the photos below:


And below is the same sweatshirt in the cocoon colour. The skirt is the Textured pencil skirt in size 2. This skirt is similar to the Stretch textured pencil skirt I got last year (minus the pockets) and the fit is identical.

Sequin Sweatshirt
Textured Pencil Skirt
Next  I tried on the Stevia lace-trim sweatshirt in English rose. The other two colours it comes in are coast guard blue and gray heather. The fabric is soft (a mix of Modal/cotton). I liked the lace around the neckline, but didn't care a lot for the raw edges on the sleeve cuffs and the hem.

Stevia Lace-trim Sweatshirt (how about lace on the back here?)

And lastly (at least for now), here's the Ruffle tie-waist sweater jacket in gray. I loved that the fabric was 100% cotton, and that it wasn't overly thick.This is a size XS, but I would probably size up to an S if I wore long sleeves underneath, like I was doing here:

I have a few other pics, but for my next post.

Have you been to BR lately? What did you think?

Have a great rest of the week, everyone!


  1. I love all of those colours together, I keep forgetting that I can now buy BR online here. Oh I've been costing Kitchen Aid mixers - raging - they cost three times more in the UK than the US!

  2. Like some other BRs I've been in, our local store puts more of an emphasis on the men's dept. It's right up front, and the women's section is pushed to the back. They're not particularly well stocked, so I don't visit that often. But as soon as fall merchandise starts arriving I'll be the first one in the door. Love their cardigans and sweaters!
    The sweatshirt looks great on you in both colors!

  3. T: thanks! Perhaps you could ask one of your friends who travels to get it and/or ship it to you. They are not cheap here either.

    Sue: I haven't seen a BR where men's section is out front yet. You can always count on BR for good cardis and sweaters!

  4. I saw the sequin sweatshirt last week and laughed as it reminded me of J Crew's. Heck, it reminded me of the one I got from NY&Co a year and a half ago. They're late. But it's still cute & I like both colors. Thanks for sharing pics.

  5. I haven't been to Banana in ages. I am working more from home now and that means no browsing the downtown mall at lunch. I made a special trip to hit the Lacoste and Brooks Brothers sales but did not have time to look any further.

    What is with the tight arms these days, cost cutting run amok? I like the look of the sweater jacket but I feel a bit of shopping overload lately so I won't be getting off my duff to go take a look unless there is more of interest in your next BR post.

    I can't find your email to ask you about the tractor. If you are willing to share, you can email me at dunc209 at shaw.ca

  6. I honestly haven't purchased anything from BR in foooorreever, but that ivory sequin sweatshirt is kind of calling out to me - I am all about loungewear posing as outside wear!

  7. gigiofca: not sure if Jenna was behind this line as well, but it would make sense why the sequins again.

    xoxo: I think the XS size has the sleeve problem. I should have taken the S to try on as well.

    Lisa: haha! Happy shopping! It's quite pretty IRL.

  8. Oh my gosh I love those sequined sweatshirts!!! You can never have too many sequins! They look great on you! Love your blog! :)


  9. Sherry: thank you, and thanks for popping in!

  10. Do not buy the sequin sweatshirt! I bought it last week and I wore it one time and there was horrible pilling all down the arms. I went to return it to the store the next day. I think the problem is that the soft sweatshirt material just rubs against the scratchy sequins and it just looked so terrible.


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