Friday, May 27, 2011

Anthro 101

At least for me, it is. Finally the first Anthropologie opened in town and I missed the opening. In a way I am glad I did, considering it was probably packed, so when I went there yesterday, the place was relatively quiet.

The first thing that caught my eye was the beautiful Gladiolus skirt (size 4). The colours are much more vivid than in the photo, and the fabric (linen/rayon) feels soft and comfortable. This is a perfect fit for me, usually a size 2 in other retailers' skirts.

Right next to it I found the Heartsease habotai blouse. The skirt I pulled off the sale rack and cannot see on the website. It is identical in fabric and shape to the Roseus skirt. Both are size 4, and I could have probably sized down in both. The blouse was quite low cut,  but the fabric was light and breezy. I might pair this with a pair of cropped pants instead of an A-line skirt.

Next I tried on the Level 99 denim pencil skirt in size 27, my regular jeans size. This one was tight on my hips. Luckily the fabric was a bit stretchy, as it has some lycra in it. The label said lyocell, cotton, rayon, polyester, lycra. That's quite a mouthful.

Next I tried on a couple of dresses. The first is the Wildflower foxtrot dress size 4. The label says polyester, but the fabric felt like silk. The armholes and chest area are a bit large, so I may have fit into a 2. It is a fun dress with the bubble skirt effect (pockets included), and I would probably wear it with a belt instead of the grosgrain ribbon tied into a bow:

The last item I tried on was the Whirligig dress in size S. This one fitted perfectly and surprised me. The colour doesn't do much for my skin, but the cut is beautiful.

The next visit I will have to try some of these items again. It was the end of my work day, the fitting room was up on the second floor and there was no attendant in site to ask for help. Maybe next time...

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.


  1. Love the Whirlgig dress! I've never been to an Anthropologie before; hopefully one opens in the area soon-ish. :D

  2. The Whirligig dress is beautiful on you! Glad to hear Anthro has finally opened in Vancouver.

  3. Great! I look forward to more anthro reviews from you! The gladiolus skirt is so pretty- I think there's a dress in the same print now too.

    That pencil skirt is pretty smashing, and the whirlgig dress is classic- they often come out with new colours over the season, so maybe there will be more selection for you!

  4. I was there this morning (Saturday). Enjoyed browsing without the crowds, and got lots of help from the SAs. Tried on a ton of dresses and found one, unfortunately wore the wrong foundation garments so no pics to post, BUT I found my dress! Used my BD coupon too! Happiness. Great reviews, as always :D

  5. I like that white pencil skirt, va-va-voom! I find that anything with lycra stretches a lot -- I wore J Crew's cotton pencil skirt today (the one with stretch) and by the end of the day, it was a big wrinkly pouf!

  6. Yay for an Anthro near you. The whirlgig dress is very cute on you.

  7. Rachel: yes, it's very nice. You can find all kinds of styles there.

    Louise: thanks! Yes, it's about time. Maybe JC and AT will make it up here soon.

    thatdamngreendress: I will make sure to look for the skirt next time I am in there. There was way too much stuff to take in on a first visit. I will keep my eyes open for another colour Whirligig dress then. The navy they had was nice too, but wanted somethign more 'summery' looking.

    CC: lucky you. I guess with 2 floors to cover, the SAs can get tired pretty quickly in that place. Glad you found the dress. Looking forward to seeing pictures of it.

    dinster: if you only knew how tight it was! LOL I might go for a 28 next time.

    gigiofca: thanks! Yes... one more addiction... that's all I need. :)


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