Friday, August 27, 2010

More Banana Republic

After work I ventured again into the mall to look at a few more BR new arrivals last night.

The first item I tried was the Cotton Animal Print cardi in sugar cookie white colour. This is a very light, thin cardi, with a hook and eye closure, as you can see in the detail photo. The hook & eye are sewn onto a ribbon edge.  Really, BR?  For $85 CAD (or $69.50 US), I would expect a few buttons and no ribbon edging...  but that's just me.
The cami I am wearing underneath is a stretch cami with a silky edging at the top which I couldn't find on their website. Get a similar one here or here
The next item I tried on was the Layered Ruffle skirt. I know, I know...  waaaaaay too short!  I even sized up in hopes of gaining some length, but without success. If you are adventurous, or petite ( I am 5'6"), you can get it here
And here it is with the animal print cardi:
Next item I tried on was the Silk Blend Stretch cardigan in sabbia colour. This colour is similar to the cobblestone colour of the J. Crew Rimini cardigan I posted about here.  This sweater is from the previous roll-out, but since I liked the colour so much, I had to try it on again. I would size up to a medium from a small, as the small one is a bit tight for me across the chest. I am getting this one this weekend, probably, with the 30% off sale going on right now. The colour is beautiful and it's one of those that goes with everything!
 The last item I tried on was the Belted Patch Pocket jacket. It's a cotton jacket with some stretch. The size I am wearing is an XS. I am wearing a cardi underneath, so unless you have wide shoulders, the petite ladies are sized out of this one, I'm afraid. I really liked the feel and the look of this jacketand would be great for the rainy Vancouver days.
Check out CC's blog for more jackets like the one above.

Have you visited your BR lately? What did you think?


  1. I am loving that cotton animal print cardi and the skirt! I have not been to Banana lately but need to go!:)

  2. These are such fabulous looks, I'm crushing over the skirt for sure!! I was in BR a couple of days ago. I fell in love with a wrap dress, but I found it a little too pricey. It was 100% cotton and $160. Now, I'm not always out for a cheap buy, but I just didn't think it was worth that much. Maybe when it goes on sale... :)

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  3. Thank you for these pictures! I was just in BR yesterday but didn't have time to try on anything, although I was eyeing that skirt and the animal print cardi. Interestingly enough, they had displayed the cardi over a tanktop and under another, more substantial wool cardi. Personally I would not pay $70 for a sweater that is apparently intended to be layered under another sweater. Lol.

  4. Great pics, thanks! oh, I hope the animal cardi works for me b/c I love the gray/tiny print & love it with the ludlow bay blue blouse. I do like the ribbon and usually just wear my cardis open so hopefully the hook/eye closures will not be as issue for me :) Have a great weekend!

  5. Love the jacket and the sabbia cardigan on you. Great picks! Think it's gonna be a good shopping weekend for all of us ;)

  6. Thanks for stopping by, Tricia! I'm sure you will like some of the new pieces!

    OneCrafyFox, I agree... $160 is too much for a cotton dress. JMO

    I agree, Andrea, a cardi is to be worn over a top, not under another cardi! LOL

    Thanks for stopping by, sparrowsandsparkles! It's a beautiful print, so you will love it. The hook and eye should be no problem for you then.

  7. Thanks, CC! I also popped into Talbots again last night. ;) Enjoy your shopping spree!

  8. I actually work at BR and I tried on like the exact same things when we first got them in. They all look great on you :)

  9. That's quite funny, Moonlight Serenade! Thanks, and thanks for stopping by!


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