Monday, August 9, 2010

The Best Place On Earth

Saturday night I was invited to dinner at my friend's parents' place for dinner. I had never visited their new condo since they moved, so when I entered the place, I quickly took out my BlackBerry, to my friend's astonishment, who thought I was going to start snapping photos of the interior. "OK, I am not that tacky," I said, trying to calm her down. Unfortunately for me, this had been the first day of rain and clouds in Vancouver after a very long dry spell, plus it was getting late, so what I was able to quickly capture on camera was not the best quality. Imagine mountains behind the clouds, and a big spread of the Pacific to the left, and then you might begin to get the idea...

And below a view of the Shangri-La, the tallest building in Vancouver, enveloped in the clouds. I was perched on the top of the second tallest building when taking these photos.

Since my friend was leaving on Monday to go back home to Toronto, we decided to spend Sunday afternoon together as well, so after a nice dinner at the favourite Thai joint in town - the Salathai restaurant - we took a long walk in the woods adjacent to our old alma mater, the University of BC.

She promptly asked that I send her the photos to show her husband, to once again remind him (also a UBC graduate) what he was missing by not moving here. So now my friend is back to Toronto and hope her husband doesn't hate me much after this weekend.


  1. Big *sigh*. I can't agree with you more. Nuff said. ;)

  2. Ah, thanks for sharing photos of 'home'. Wow, great view from the condo!

    BTW, I linked to your post on the Nanette Lepore Daring Rose Dress. Thanks for the review on it.

  3. CC, it wont' be long now... :)

  4. You're very welcome, ABC! Glad you enjoyed them!

  5. Oh I love woods, walking through a wood is one of my favourite autumnal past times - not long now!

  6. T., thanks for stopping by. In a couple of weeks it will begin to smell like fall around here.


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