Tuesday, August 22, 2017

J. Crew September Sneak Previews & A Wedding

My J. Crew VPS is continuing to send me sneak previews of the upcoming collections, and I thought what an opportune time it would be to share these with the JCAs.

Liberty Catesby Floral seems to be the print to be had this fall, as it is used in quite a few pieces. My favourite is the Reversible Puffer Jacket in Liberty Catesby Floral .

Next is the Open-front Sweater-blazer, which comes in Heather Khaki as well as Heather Coal, and is made of merino wool. This will definitely be on my shopping list this fall.

Open-front Sweater-blazer,(G7746), $138 (similar here, here)

The off-the-shoulder tops are big this summer, and here's J. Crew's version of one. Off the shoulder is not for me, unfortunately. I have wide shoulders, and this look just magnifies them.

Striped Off-the-shoulder Tie-neck Top (H0853), $68
Avery Striped Pumps (G8160), $218 (similar here, here)
Peapod Earrings (H0212), $48 (similar here, here)

Lastly, shoes! I love J. Crew shoes, as I have quite a few pairs of them. I love the latest, colourful styles.

Velvet Slingback Flats (G8006), $128 (similar here, herehere)
Plaid Bow Flats (G8008), $168 (similar here, here)
Audrey Glitter Flats (G7855), $138 (similar here, here)

Hope you enjoyed seeing these new arrivals as much as I did and visit J. Crew soon to check them out in person.

And as my title is mentioning, I am attending a wedding soon... mine! I didn't think this would happen again, but here I am. Since I am not much for frills, this is a small affair with family and a few close friends. And this is the dress I am wearing. It is the Nima Short Dress from AllSaints. It is on sale in the stores right now. Although the colour is listed as 'champagne pink,' it looks very much like a very pale mauve to me. It is a beautiful, breezy cotton with lace accents, and hits me above the knee. And I promise I will not wear it with boots. :)

AllSaints Nima Short Dress (all photos courtesy of Lyst.com)

What do you think of this summer dress for a casual wedding? What do you think of the AllSaints offerings? 

Hope you are having a wonderful week so far!


  1. I've never heard of the AllSaints brand, but the dress looks lovely! I think it will be perfect for a casual wedding. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations! I have often visited your blog and love your reviews (and this new announcement)

  3. Congratulations! The dress you selected is so pretty. Wishing you all the best!

  4. How sweet, congrats!!! The dress seems perfect for the intimate affair you're planning. Enjoy!

    PS, i have broad shoulders, too, and OTS, one-shoulder, cold-shoulder, no shoulders never work for me either! :-)

  5. Congratulations, Rose! Wonderful news! And the dress is perfect.

  6. So cool. Congratulations and thanks for sharing the news with us. The dress is beautiful, just perfect for your special day.

  7. Congratulations, Rose! I've been missing your previews and reviews. Wothveru best wishes for a joyful wedding and married bliss thereafter!

  8. rose, so happy for you and your intended! Wishing both of you joyful days and magical nights.

  9. Congratulations Rose! Wishing you much happiness!

  10. Congratulations, Rose!!! So happy for you! Wishing you and yours all the best!

  11. Thank you very much, ladies! It was a beautiful afternoon with family and a few close friends. We think everyone had a great time. :)


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