Friday, February 12, 2016

Madewell - February

Last weekend I was downtown for an appointment and made a short stop at Nordstrom to check out some of the Madewell offerings. Unfortunately this is the only way I can get my Madewell fix (one of my favourite retailers), until my next trip to Seattle. As usual, I found quite a few items I liked quite a bit. Among them, was the pretty Silk Memory Blouse in Stencil Blossom (size M, charcoal grey). There was no S to try on, which is my usual size in Madewell tops. The medium is a bit roomy, so I would probably go for my regular size in this one. Note that the back is slightly longer than the front.

Silk Memory Blouse in Stencil Blossom (similar herehere, here)

Next was the Oversized Boyshirt in Mini Gingham Check (size S, true black). All cotton, this shirt is very comfy, but slightly too big on me.

One of my favourites was the Denim Sunday Shirtdress (size S, Petra wash). This piece is made of cotton/silk and feels fabulous to the touch. I loved the side pockets and would wear it belted, and with my Pixie Pants. I am wearing size S, but I would want this a little bit more roomy, so I would likely size up in it.

Courier Shirtdress in Buffalo Check (size S, almost black). The fabric is all rayon, and should be great in the spring and summer. 

Courier Shirtdress in Buffalo Check (similar hereherehere)

Lastly for now, the Sherpa-Lined Cocoon Coat (size M, kilt red). This wool/poly blend is a great find. I am actually surprised it is still available in most sizes on the Madewell website. Like the name says, the interior is lined with sherpa fleece. I found the sleeves a bit too long for me, so I rolled them up.

Sherpa-Lined Cocoon Coat (similar hereherehere)

What else I like at Madewell right now:

How about you? Have you been to Madewell lately? What did you get? Please share!

Hope you are all having a great end of the week, and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Really want a denim dress but they are a little short for this 60 year old. Also want something with a bit more structure and darker denim...if you ever see one like please!And available in Canada. Not too many requirements eh? ;-)

    1. I agree with you about the length... I would wear this with some leggings.

  2. I found a wonderful RL shirt dress at the bay.


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