Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Gap - July

Earlier this evening I stopped at the Gap since I was in the area. I hadn't been inside in a little while, so almost the entire store looked new to me. I noticed quite a bit of colour among the new arrivals, such as on the Palm Print Racerback Rayon Dress (size S). The rayon feels very cool against the skin, which is a great plus in the weather we've been having lately.

I also tried on the 1969 Denim Jacket (size S) to see how it compared to the Gap Factory one which my sister got last week. I liked the colour and the fit on this version. I still have mine which I got a few years back and which is still wearing very well.

 Next was the colourful Cable Knit Pullover Sweater (size XS, summer coral). Extra small is one size smaller than I normally wear in sweaters, but this one fit well. Coral is one of my more flattering colours, so I really liked this sweater. It's all cotton and machine washable.

A cute white jacket (also comes in true indigo) is the Utility Jacket (size S). The fabric is a mix of cotton and linen andis machien washable. It looks much better in real life than in the fluorescent light in the fitting room. :)

The shoes are the Leather Slip-On Sneakers (size 8, pink fairy). They fit TTS and are comfortable on. I noticed the Gap has quite a few colours and patterns on the site, and they are on sale too.

Lastly, a cute tee, the Beaded Geo Tee (size S, soft lilac). It fits TTS to small. The colour is a pretty lilac and the tiny beads are white. They are glued on, from what I can tell.

That's all for now, but here's what I also like at the Gap:
How about you? Have you been to the Gap lately? What did you get? Please share?

Have a great Friday and weekend, everyone! 

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