Tuesday, May 26, 2015

J. Crew - May (V)

Last weekend my newly JC-converted friend and I ended up at the store to check out the new arrivals. The adorable Donald Robertson for J. Crew Kiss Kiss Tee was right at the entrance. The tee seems to be sold out at the moment from the website, but fear not, the stores had plenty. I took my normal S tee size in this one.

The skirt I am wearing is the Stripe Eyelet Skirt (size 2, black). Size up if you want to wear it lower on your hips for a bit of extra length.

Another skirt, the Mini Skirt in Midnight Floral Jacquard (size 4). It's very short on me, but I couldn't resist the pretty fabric. Sorry for the blurry photo.

My favourite kind of skirt, the Crossover Pencil Skirt in Plumeria Jacquard (size 4). This is my larger of the 2 JC skirt sizes. The fabric of this skirt is beautiful and the website photos do not do it justice, in my opinion. There is also a gorgeous dress in this print, which I do not see on the website, unfortunately. (Edit: the gorgeous dress is the Sun-Faded Tropical Sheath Dress. While the colours are very similar, they are a different print and fabric).  

Lastly, the Sleeveless Silk Chiffon Dress in Zigzag (size 4, neon persimmon). Size 4 is the smaller of my two dress sizes at JC. I loved the right colour of this dress and how light it felt. It comes in three other colours, as well as Petite and Tall sizes.

That's about it for now. Have you been to JC to see the new arrivals? What did you like/get? Please share!

Thank you for visiting and have a safe Wednesday out there!


  1. I was thinking the Plumeria print would be lovely in a dress. What style is the dress?
    Maybe I'll call the nearest JC and see if they have it. Although calling them is always iffy, I get so much misinformation.

    I was really tempted to order the Mini in the Midnight Floral with this past promo. I love the print, but I see it would be way too short for me. Thanks for saving me a return.

    It's so nice you have a fellow JCA to shop with! Thanks again for the reviews.

    1. The dress is sleeveless and waisted and looks very nice. I hope to try it if I go tomorrow.
      I agreem if you are not petite, the skirt would be very short.
      Yes, it is great. My first fellow JCA, CC, is on vacation right now.

    2. maryeb, please see my edit about the dress. I got a bit too excited on the previous visit. :)

  2. That crossover looks great on you and the bluey one pretty too. Lips are in aren't they? Is it Prada or one of those which has purses with lips?

    1. Thanks, Jody! Lips keep coming back, it seems. I noticed quite a few purses in shape of lips, or with lip prints right now. :)


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