Monday, April 13, 2015

Loft Skirts

I popped briefly into the Loft during my lunch hour today and was pleasantly surprised to see quite a bit of new stock. I like Loft skirts a lot and own several, so I thought I'd give the new ones a try. First off is the Geo Eyelet Skirt (size 4, moonlight ivory). This is my most common skirt size at the Loft. The fabric is 100% cotton and it is machine washable. I loved this skirt a lot.

The second skirt I tried on was the Mosaic Jacquard Pencil Skirt (size 4, ivory tusk). This one is a cotton/poly blend and feels great on. 

Tropic Floral Pencil Skirt (size 4, herb olive) is mostly cotton with a hint of stretch (3%). The fabric is a substantial one that reminds me of curtain fabric. The top is the Lace Sleeve Blouse (size S, whisper white) and is all poly and machine washable. I loved the intricate lace work of the sleeves.

My favourite for last, the Blossom Doubleweave Pencil Skirt (size 2, black). There was no size 4 in the store and size 6 was too large. I squeezed into size 2, but as you can tell, it is a tight one. The fabric is forgiving due to its 4% spandex content.


That's all for now. What else I like at the Loft:
How about you? Have you been to the Loft lately? What did you like/get? Please share!

Thanks for dropping by, and have a great Tuesday out there!


  1. I love the last two skirts, especially the tropic floral. Wish there was a tee or sweater in that print - it is gorgeous! Thanks for your helpful reviews.

    1. You are welcome, shopalot! I love those as well!

  2. I'm waiting on the geo skirt to arrive. Fri can't get here fast enough. Thanks for the reviews!


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