Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Loft - November

I have been liking the Loft more and more recently, and my most recent visit was no exception. I noticed a lot of pieces I liked there. Among them, the Sequin Stripe Tee size S in 'Delicate Blush.' It reminds me of J. Crew circa 2009/10. In case you have been missing the sequins, here they are again.

 Sequin Stripe Tee (more sequin tees here, here, here)

The Paisley Sweater size S in  'Brookside Blue' fits TTS and is all cotton. It is quite a substantial knit and loks lovely up close.

Paisley Sweater (similar here, here, here)

Another fun sweater is the Sequin Stripe Sweater in 'Whisper White' and size S. It's a mix of wool, viscose and nylon and feels festive. It is smaller and more fitted than the one above.

Sequin Stripe Sweater (similar here, here, here)

A sweatshirt that is really a sweater, the Stitchblock Sweatshirt, also size S and 'Intense Burgundy.' The chevron stitching on the front is beautiful and the yarn is a cotton, viscose and silk mix.

Stitchblock Sweatshirt (similar here, here, here)

Lastly for now, my favourite item, the Floral Jacquard Tee size S and'Deep Hearth Grey.' It's 100% cotton and has a beautiful sheen. It fits TTS to small, in my opinion. Too bad it doesn't come in other colours as well.

Floral Jacquard Tee (similar here, here, here)

What else I'm liking at the Loft right now:
 What about you? Anything you like? Please share! Currently, the Loft is offering 40% off everything. Maybe it's time to get those Custom Stretch Trouser Leg Pants in Zoe Fit I have been eyeing for a while.

Have a safe Wednesday out there!

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