Saturday, July 5, 2014

J. Crew - July

A couple of weeks ago I noticed the Maxi Tank Dress in Stripe in the store and loved it instantly. I am trying on size S, together with the Vintage Denim Jacket in Recycled Indigo Wash. I've been looking at a lot of maxi dresses over the last coupld of years, and I think this is probably the nicest so far. It also looks nice with the denim jacket (size M).

Silk Star Blouse size 4 in 'sandy reef.' I am anywhere between size 2 (in the Blythe Blosue) to size 6 (the more fitted winter flannel shirts) at J. Crew. I am not sure how this one escaped me from the new arrivals. It is very pretty up close.

Silk Star Blouse (more star prints here, here, here)

Next is the Jeweled Painter Tee in Stripe size S and 'cream heather sterling.' You may have seen the 'soft blush' version of this tee here before. I like all three colourways of this tee. The skirt is the Side-Slit Soft Pencil Skirt size 4 and I have also blogged about this before.

Lastly, the Horn Hobo in 'bronzed amber.' I was surprised to see the bag is much larger than I was expecting. It can hold a fair amount of stuff (if you are like me, who carries everything around). The horn handle is quite exotic looking.

Horn Hobo (similar here, here, here)  

Also eyeing at J. Crew:

How about you? Anything you are looking at buying with the current promo? Please share!

Hope you are all having a great weekend (and a long one if you are living in the US)!


  1. Love the maxi dress. Looks great on you. What's the in-store price right now on it? I'm looking for the Lillian wedges or something similar right now. I'm almost afraid to go in a store because I'll wind up buying a bunch of things I don't really need just because they're cute and on crazy sale!

    1. Thanks, shortstack. I didn't think this was in the sale section yet in our store, but you know that they always honour the website price if the latter is lower. Good luck! There are lots of cute sandals on sale in the store right now.

  2. Just came across your blog and loved it! Loving the Maxi dress. I have a somewhat similar nautical striped maxi skirt, which I haven't worn in quite some time. I suck at pairing things together :) Could definitely do with some tips from you.

    1. Thanks, Purple Amethyst! You are too kind! I am not sure I am much help, but I'll try. :)


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