Monday, June 16, 2014

J. Crew - June (III)

Some of the photos are from an earlier trip, actually, but I forgot about them until today, when I was cleaning up my computer. The Gemstone Floral Silk Tee (size 4, my larger of the two top sizes) is a beautiful printed silk. The colours ar emore vivid than on the website photo, as usual. I already blogged about the Salon Mini in Gemstone Print at the end of May.

Gemstone Floral Silk Tee (similar here, here)

Next is the Mixed Prints Tee 'black vintage champagne and size S, my usual top size. I loved this tee back in November in the navy colour, and I like the black combo even better. There is also a grey version. The tee is a very silky cotton.

Mixed Prints Tee (more mixed prints here, here, here)

I had already tried on the Paisley Eyelet Tee in my previous J. Crew post, but I really wanted to see the 'coral haze coral' one as well. Lucky the store I visited on the weekend had it. It's a beautful colour that goes well with my skin tone. It looks a bit more orange in the photo, in my opinion.

Lastly, an older photo of the Crab Top, size 4. It's quirky looking, but unfortunately not my style.  I also wasn't crazy that the top was poly, although I couldn't tell when I first saw it. Sorry for the awkward pose in the second photo. I wanted to show the side seam.

Crab Top (another one here)

That's about it for now. New arrivals are supposed to be in the store, and hope to check them out in person soon.

What's on my wishlist now:

What's on yours? Please share!

Hope your Monday went by quickly, and have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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