Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Three J. Crew Jackets

On the hunt for a spring jacket, I thought I'd give the J. Crew ones a whirl. I have already tried on the Hooded Basket-Weave Jacket a while back when it first appeared in the store.The colour is called 'royal indigo' and the size I am trying on is S. This is a great jacket and I liked it a lot, even though it' unlined.


The other two jackets are the Boyfriend Fatigue Jacket in 'olive drab' and Fatigue Jacket in 'army green.' Here they are side by side:

 Fatigue Jacket (right) 

Boyfriend Fatigue Jacket size S. The waist has a drawstring on the inside that can be adjusted.. This jacket is more stiff than the Fatigue jacket.

Boyfriend Fatigue Jacket

Lastly, the Fatigue Jacket also size S. The fit is much more generous and the jacket is incredibly soft. I also loved the stripey lining. This too has a drawstring on the inside that can be adjusted for a more fitted look. There is also a 'navy' version of this jacket.

Fatigue Jacket 

More 'like' jackets :

How about you? Which one's your favourite? Please share!

New arrivals have appeared on the JC site, so off to peruse those. Hope you have a great Wednesday and thanks for visiting, everyone!

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