Sunday, March 2, 2014

J Crew - March

After meeting friends for brunch today, I popped briefly inside J. Crew. My two favourite ladies there were on duty today, and were very busy, since everyone seemed to have headed for the mall too. I finally got to try on the Merino Silk-Panel Sweater in Cubist Print size S. This is my usual sweater size at J Crew. I wasn't an instant fan of this sweater when it first appeared on the website, but I loved it on. The front panel, as the name implies, is all silk. The knit of the rest of the sweater is a 14-gauge, just like the Tippis. The sleeve is also 3/4, although it fits a little bit looser than the Tippi sweater in the same size.

Next was the Linen Embroidered Bird Tee size XS. This is one size smaller than my usual. The tee is not sheer and the bird embroidery is cute. The word inside the balloon is 'Bonjour.'


Another tee, the Collection Jeweled Boyfriend Tee, also size S again and 'navy.' It also comes in 'ivory.' Too bad the sparkles don't photograph well in the store light. The tee is gorgeous in person and is now on my wishlist.

Lastly, the Kiki Suede Studded-Heel Ballet Flats in 'warm fig,' size 8 1/2.  I sized up half a size in these and they fit perfectly.

What else I liked at J. Crew:

What about you? Did you get anything using the CARDSONLY promo? Please share!

Hope you all had a restful weekend, and have a great day tomorrow, everyone!


  1. Hi Rose, I'm not a cardholder so no promo shopping for me. I think I may get to the actual B&M J.Crew in Calgary this month since I have to visit Chinook mall. Now that I'm getting back into normal shape I'm curious to see the store IRL. Hope I don't get too badly bitten by the shopping bug!

    1. That's really great, xoxo! Took no time for you to get back to your form then. Hope you like your shopping trip.

    2. It's all relative. I am just slowly getting back to a "normal shape". Not quite back to my former size yet or sure that I will ever be but I'm delighted to be able to see my feet without a mirror or footstool.

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