Friday, March 14, 2014

J. Crew - March (II)

Last weekend I met up with a friend downtown, and I also took a small detour to pick up the giveaway bracelet. ;) Good opportunity as any other to try on a few things. One that I had my eye on was the Linen Cubist Print Tee size S and 'white.' The other one is called 'white blue' and the accent colour is blue instead of pink. On my monitor pink looks peach, but it is truly pink in real life. I liked this one better than the blue version.

Camo Sweatshirt size S and 'wet stone' colour. It's similar to other cotton sweatshirts at JC and I wish it were a bit longer. Fits TTS.

and the same Camo Sweatshirt size S and 'mountain white.' 

Lastly, the Vintage Cotton Silk-Back Tee size S in 'black.' This is the same as the Vintage Cotton Silk-Back Tee in Block Print you may have seen here before.

Also fvourites:

Merino Zip-Shoulder Sweater in 'midnight' (already on sale)

The 25% off select swim, shorts and tees sale is still in effect until midnight Sunday. We are still a little bit far from seeing shorts temperatures around here, although the last few days have climbed up to mid teen Celsius degrees. 

Here's what I feasted on last weekend. No, I didn't have it all to myself. Seven others partook in it as well. :)

Black Forest Cake from Thierry
Have a great weekend ahead, and don't forget to enter my giveaway! Details here.


  1. Hi, did you find the vintage cotton silk back tee TTS or would you advise sizing down?

    1. If you are more narrow in the shoulders, you can definitely size down.


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