Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Gap - March

After what seemed like a long while, I visited the Gap last weekend to check what what was new. The Gap always has sweatshirt dresses that appeal to me, and this time was no exception. I find them extremely comfortable to wear with leggings around the house. Reverse Terry Dress size S (my usual size) in 'navy' is one of those dresses. The back is slightly longer than the front on this one. The dress fits quite large, but I don't mind that at all.

Next was the Nepped Sweater Top, also size S in 'navy.' I would have easily missed this top on the website. I loved the colourful nepped bits that make up the texture of this sweater.

Lastly, the Camo Utility Jacket size M. There was no size S to try on and this is loose on me, so I would say it fits TTS. The colours look more green than in the website photos. It's a nicely done jacket, and I don't usually like the camo print! :)

What else I'm liking at the Gap right now:

How about you? Have you shopped the Gap lately? What did you think?

The Gap & Banana Republic are offering 35% off your purchase through tonight with code MARCH, in case you are planning to stock up n some basics.

Thanks for dropping by my blog, and have a great day tomorrow, everyone!


  1. I need some good white t's so must head there and see what they have. Keep seeing those Utility jackets and I love them though I could only have one if its really really soft like Cy's PJs

    1. Gap, BR or JC are the places for tees for me. The utility jacket is very soft... You would love it!


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