Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Madewell New Arrivals Picks

I noticed some new arrivals late last night on the Madewell site, and here are some of my picks. First of all, I love the pretty print of the Silk Peplum Cami in Daisy Tumble.
Silk Peplum Cami in Daisy Tumble (solid colour version here)

Elephant March BoyshirtWho doesn't like elephants, right?

Elephant March Boyshirt (some cute elephant here, here, here)  

Tomato Rxmance Tee

C'Est Bon Pullover will sell quickly, as usually graphic sweaters at Madewell do. It's all merino wool.

C'Est Bon Pullover 

Speaking of graphic sweaters, how about an Ampersand Pullover? This one is all cotton and machine washable. There is also a Linen Ampersand Tee, if you prefer.

Love the Warren Sandals in Silver:

Something else to note at Madewell is the Paris Review magazine. I'm not sure it is new to this roll-out, but I haven't seen it before.

What about you? Have you checked out the Madewell new arrivals section? What are your picks?

As always, thanks for dropping by and have a great Wednesday, everyone!

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