Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Madewell New Arrival Picks

It' been a couple of weeks since I set foot in Madewell and while I was glancing at the website last night, I noticed a whole bunch of new arrivals. A few were my favourites, among them the Silk Embroidered Tee in 'nightfall.'

Silk Shirred Top comes in 'wild boar' (shown here) , 'pearl ivory' and 'modern fuchsia.' 

Silk Shirred Top

Home Game Hoodie is all cotton and has a good price point.

Home Game Hoodie

Skargorn #88 Sweatshirt Tee in Stripe is also all cotton. This is one green I may be able to ge away with, mainly because it has a lot of blue in it. :) Most of the others make me look terrible.

Skargorn #88 Sweatshirt Tee in Stripe

Linen Tee in Dot Block because summer can't come soon enough. I'm tired of winter already. Dots are only on the front though. There is cotton one that has dots all around from SkarGorn.

Linen Tee in Dotblock

Sessun Ewe Jacket comes in 'navy.'

Sessun Ewe Jacket

I have always admired the Mara Hoffman bathing suits, and here is the Mara Hoffman Shakti One-Piece, just in case you are headed somewhere arm this winter.

Mara Hoffman Shakti One-Piece (get it also here, here)

And lastly, I really like the Stacked-Heel Loafer in High Shine. I think they would look great worn with a pant suit.

Stacked-Heel Loafer in High Shine

How about you? See anything you like there? Please share!

Thanks for dropping by and have a great Tuesday out there!


  1. I find Madewell more interesting than J.Crew these days, although I'm not buying much of anything. Did you see the silk shirred top in fuchsia? I'm curious about the color since they call it "modern fuchsia". I wonder if that means it leans more toward orange, like J.Crew's "modern red".

    1. Me, too, xoxo. I like Madewell a lot. No, they didn't have that top in yet when I was there. It might have more red in it than blue, hence the brighter hue.

    2. Thanks Rose, you're probably right on the color. Both the silk tops are pretty though!


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