Monday, December 2, 2013

J. Crew Factory - Cyber Monday

Upon my return from my Seattle trip last weekend, I stopped briefly at the Factory store. The place was buzzing with shoppers, as everything in the store was half off. I recognized the Factory iterations of several pieces from the regular retail store's last year's offerings, such as the Factory Scattered-Sequin Sweater. This seems to be sold out on the website, but I saw several in the store in the red colour. Just call one and ask them to do a charge & send for you. The skirt I am trying on is the Factory Graphic Tweed Mini size 6. I am wearing it lower on my hips for added length, but that did not help much, unfortunately. I really liked this skirt and wish it were 2-3 inches longer.

Next was the Factory Lace-Print Sweatshirt size M. Size S seemed quite fitted, so I sized up one size. It's all cotton and looks identical to the one I saw last year at JC. I think I would wear a turtleneck or a solid colour shirt under this one.

Lastly for now, the Factory Bulldog and Bow Tee size S, my regular tee size. The tee is a bit sheer, as you can tell the from the photo.

Other popular graphic tees:

Factory sequin snowflake graphic tee
Factory beaded reindeer graphic tee
Factory mirrored lace graphic tee
Factory striped draped sequin tee
Factory sequin bow tee
Factory metallic heart tee

 Also popular last year was the Pear Sweater, and this year you can get the Factory Warmspun Intarsia Pear Sweater if you missed out:

The 50% off everything sale is going through tomorrow. Use code GOSHOP if shopping online. Hve you shopped at the Factory store lately? What did you get? Please share!

Hope your week is off to a good start and thanks for visiting!


  1. You look pretty smashing in the mini Rose but perhaps you're looking for something a bit more demure, which I totally understand. I like the bulldog tee but my tee drawer is full and I can't wear any of them anyway. There's always next year!

    1. Thanks, xoxo! I really liked the skirt, but I'm a bit past the mini skirt age, IMO. :)

  2. I did too much damage at the retail store (I'm expecting 3 orders in) so I purposefully am staying away from the factory store in case of anymore temptations!

  3. The skirt looks great. It's too bad it's a mini. I wish they would lengthen the hem on those. I might actually wear one. Well, maybe.

    1. Thanks, gigi! I think you should give it a try.

  4. After taking a bit of a break from J. Crew, I bought some stuff during the Cyber Monday sale (30% + free shipping) - we'll see if any of it works out. I have been avoiding JC Factory for a while after some disappointments earlier this year. The skirt looks great on you, your legs look a mile long!

    1. Fingers crossed whatever you ordered works out for you! Thank you, Louise!


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