Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Club Monaco - December

A while back when I was downtown, I also took a quick look through Club Monaco. I was pleasantly surprised to see quite a few beautiful pieces in some of my favourite colours. The first one was the Alesia Lace Print Satin Top size XS. The top is pale pink background with an intricate black lace design. I am wearing one size smaller than I usually take at Club Monaco. The back is slightly longer than the front, as you can see from the side photo.

Alesia Lace Print Satin Top (similar here, here, here)

Here are the details of the design and of the sleeve:

Next was the Bria Knit Leather Trim Jacket size 6 and the Alba Asymmetrical Wrap Skirt size 6 as well. The jacket is the larger of the two jacket sizes I usually take. The skirt is one size larger than my normal size and am wearing it lower on my hips. I tried to find a longer skirt to try on with the tops, but didn't see any in the store. The Kelsi Faux Leather Skirt is 21" and would look nice with the jacket too.

Bria Knit Leather Trim Jacket (similar here, here, here)
Alba Asymmetrical Wrap Skirt (similar here, here, here, here)

Next was the Adriana Angora Blend Sweater size S, my usual sweater size. The yarn is 66% angora wool and 34% nylon. It's extremely soft and luxurious.

Another sweater, the Mireille Patterned Sweater in 'charcoal & cream' and also size S. The yarn is wool (57%), viscose (14%), lambswool (12%), nylon (10%), angora wool (3%), cashmere (3%), spandex (1%). That's quite a blend, but only has a bit of nylon and some spandex, while the rest is natural fibers. This sweater also feels extremely soft and luxurious.

And my favourite for last, the Remi Floral Print Silk Shirt size S, my usual shirt size. The beautiful rose print goes all around the back, while the sleeves and the collar are plain white:

What else I'm liking at Club Monaco:

Lana Calf Hair & Wool Skirt
Selina Double Face Wool Coat
Laurant Wool Coat
Diana Knit Legging
Kasey Clutch
Paola Shirt

What about you? Did you check out Club Monaco lately? What did you like there? Please share!

Hope you had a great 2013 and that you will have an even better 2014! Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. This year, I bought very little J. Crew and most of the new additions to my wardrobe have come from Club Monaco - the fit is better for me and the quality is more even, and the modern/minimal style is more in line with my personal style.

    Best wishes for a very happy New Year, Rose!! :-)

    1. I think I will be shopping there a bit too. The tops and sweaters really got me interested.

      Have a happy New Year as well, Louise!

  2. I love the prints at Club Monaco! I'm annoyed with them for a poor customer service experience last year though, and sort-of boycotting them for blocking their website in Quebec. I think a Canadian company of their size can handle offering a translation of the site (and at the very least shouldn't prevent an interested party from ordering by phone!!)
    Nice quality stuff though...

    1. So sorry about your CM experience. Hopefully their CS department is listening.

  3. The lace print top is so pretty. I haven't been to Club Monaco for a long while. I will keep them in mind for next year.

    Wishing you a wonderful year with good health and much happiness.

    1. It is, xoxo! I'm certain you would like it.

      Thank you so much and hope you have a great year as well... we know you will be one busy momma! :)

  4. I sadly don't have a Club Monaco store nearby. I really love the look of the Mireille sweater on you and the skirt. I think the sweater would look good with pixies too so you definitely should consider it for a future purchase. Thanks for the tryons and happy new year!

    1. Sorry you don't have a CM store around! Thanks, Shopping Celle. I also considered the sweater since it's a longer length.

      Happy New Year to you too!

  5. Thanks so much for the reviews, Rose. I love that Alesia top! We don't have Club Monaco stores, but it's nice to find a brand that might be a good quality alternative and might not show up on everyone else around town ;) I've debated the Alesia, but am not sure I would have much occasion to wear it. I've ordered a couple of summer tops to try the brand out. Again, thanks, and happy new year to you!

    1. Sorry, I just noticed your comment today. That top is beautiful, isn't it? I think I would even wear that with a pair of jeans and a black moto jacket, for a casual look. Hope the two tops you ordered are to your liking. Let us know how you did. :)

    2. Thanks--I ended up caving and ordering it :) It should arrive next week. I hope I got the size right. The two tops I ordered are cute; not sure if I could have sized down. One is on the short side. But they are both different for me while still within my aesthetic (if that makes sense), and seem like good quality for the price, so I'm keeping them. Thanks again for your great reviews! I've recently realized almost my entire closet is J Crew, and am trying to diversify a bit.

    3. I know what you mean about too much JC in the closet! LOL I started liking Club Monaco a bit more this year, since they started introducing a bit more colour. Unfortunately, they don't have such great sales. I may also turn more to Madewell as well.


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