Monday, November 11, 2013

J. Crew - November (II)

This weekend I made it downtown again and a stop at JC was in order. I had seen the Double-Cloth Sabrina Coat on my last visit, but didn't try it on. Usually I take size 4 or 6 in coats. Size 6 is large on the body for me, but I think size 4 would be tighter in the shoulders. The coat is the beautiful double-cloth fabric JC is known for and comes in six other colours as well.

Double-Cloth Sabrina Coat (similar here, here, here)

Next was a new arrival, the Open Cardigan. I am wearing size S, the usual size I take in JC sweaters. This is a 3 gauge knit in lambswool, so quite substantial. It also comes in a a grey colour I no longer see on the website, as well as a 'garnet' colour. I loved this sweater a lot. I couldn't make up my mind between the 'indigo' and the 'garnet,' since they are both nice colours. I didn't find it itchy either on my arms (wearing a tee underneath).

  Open Cardigan (similar here, here, here)

Collection Cashmere Dolman Sweater size S in 'heather acorn.' This sweater is currently on sale on the website. It's really soft and comfortable, although I'd probably wear this with a nice pencil skirt in navy or burgundy instead of the minnies.

Lastly, the Boy Shirt in Indigo Plaid size 4, my most common shirt size at J. Crew. This was a favourite when it first appeared and it is now on sale. In the store it was an additional 30% off and the local store had plenty in stock. It's a more substantial cotton than the usual shirts I have had from JC in the past and I loved this shirt.

What else I liked at JC:

As previously mentioned, J. Crew is still offering 25% off with code GOSHOP through November 16. Canadian JCAs can get 25% off with code HELLOWORLD with no minimum through January 31, 2014.

What's on your shopping list these days? Are you starting Christmas shopping?

Thanks for visiting and have a great start of the week, everyone!


  1. The open cardigan looks great on you! I agree it would be difficult to decide between the colors. The navy would be very versatile; however, I'm a sucker for any gray sweater!

    1. I love dark grey a lot too. All colours of this sweater are great.


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