Sunday, October 27, 2013

Zara Coats

While downtown today, CC and I walked into Zara. I admit I have very few clothing items from Zara, but since I noticed their website featured a lot of coats, I thought I'd check some in person. My favourite (and CC's as well) was the Wollen Wraparound Coat. I am wearing size M and 'mid-grey' and it is a perfect fit. There is also a 'blue-grey' version as well.

And on me, buttons all done up. It can use some steaming to get the creases out, but in real life it looks adorable.

Next was the Combined Faux Leather Coat also size M. This was too tight on me, so I would size up to an L for a better fit.

The photo below doesn't do it justice. It looks very nice in real life:

The last coat I tried on was the Semi-Long Puffer Anorak size M.

I am wearing an olive colour version and size M is snug on me. No other sweater can fit underneath, so I would size up again. I really like this colour:

Semi-Long Puffer Anorak (similar here)

The last item I tried on was the Combination Printed T-Shirt size M. The front graphic print panel is poly, while the sleeves and the back are linen. I loved this top a lot:

That's about it for now. Do you shop Zara? What are your best buys there?

Hope you all had a restful weekend and thanks for visiting!


  1. I think Zara does coats and blazers well, though my experience has been that most (the coats mostly) are sized for normal-height people. So sleeves are usually a tad too long for me as are coat lengths, though the fit is good everywhere else. I think the combined faux leather coat is a nice people!

    1. Yes, I have seen some really nice coats there in the past.


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