Saturday, September 28, 2013

J. Crew - September (V)

I have a few more photos from my Seattle trip a few weeks back, and thought I'd post them. The Zip Pocket Dress size 4 is a fun piece and the personal stylist suggested I wear this as a tunic with thick wool leggings (or the Minnies). I have been wearing size 4 or 6 dresses at J. Crew and am 5'6", for reference.

Wool Racing-Stripe Track Pants size 2 and 'black.' There is also a 'navy' version. I absolutely loved these pants and am planning on getting them. They are soft, warm and very comfortable and would be perfect for wearing around the house during the winter. I took several photos and they ALL came out blurry. THis is the least blurry of them.

Lastly, a more recent photo of the Collection Bonded Merino Sweater Jacket size S. This is my usual sweater size at J. Crew, but an XS may fit better. I didn't try one on, so maybe next time. I liked the thickness of this sweater jacket a lot, but the colour is not flattering on me at all. The pants I am trying on are the Minnies in Bi-Stretch Wool size 2 and I blogged about them here before.

Still liking:

Jeweled baseball cap (this looks absolutely adorable IRL!)
Collection shearling cardigan (waaaaaay out of my price range, but it's nice to dream)

J. Crew is offering 30% off sale items with code SHOPNOW through Monday midnight. Did you already, or are you planning on shopping this sale? What did you get? Please share!

As always, thanks for dropping by my blog, and have a great Sunday, everyone!


  1. Hi Rose, thanks as usual for your reviews!
    I love the wool sweatpants on you - they look great. Also like the dress, although it seems strange that it has short sleeves to me... I'd prefer long sleeves for winter.
    The bonded merino jacket is a touch overwhelming on you IMO, but perhaps it's the colour. I think you should try it in an xs.

    No J crew shopping for me! sale of otherwise. It's edging towards summer here and I don't need sweaters or wool pants. The sale section isn't grabbing me either.... I wish there were more cute pencil skirts!!

    1. Thanks for visiting, ruth! I agree, the sweater jacket is overwhelming on me. I really liked the substantial knit, but the colour is a no go. I envy you and your summer. :)

  2. Thanks Rose! I am still contemplating the wool racing pants - those look great on you! I am with Ruth - wish that dress had longer sleeves - am always cold in the dead of winter!

    1. Agree, the dress is not one for the Maritimes winters. :)

  3. Another item I hope I look half as good wearing as you, I just got my wool racing pants (in navy)! The sweater jacket looks comfy but much too big for you.

    I tried the bi-stretch wool in another style pants and thought it felt quite a bit different than the bi-stretch wool from the past, did you think so? The older bi-stretch wool seems to be woolier, iykwim ...

    1. I hope you love the pants! I agree, it is way too much sweater for me.

      I suspect there may be more of the other fibers in the mix, but not sure. It could be why the wool feels different. I will check next time.


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