Tuesday, September 10, 2013

J. Crew October

Earlier I received an e-mail from my VPS containing some October previews and thought I would share them with my JCAs.

The Everlys seem interesting and had hoped to see more detail on them:

Collection Thomas Mason for J.Crew Jeweled Oxford Bib in Navy, 05130, $498
 Midrise Toothpick Jean in Paneled Indigo, 05933, $135
 Everly Jeweled-Printed Pumps in Dark Quartz, 03759, $375

Next was the Shearling Cardigan paired with Cafe Capris in Tattersall and my favourite pumps this season:

Collection Shearling Cardigan in Heather Canvas, 05067, $598
Collection Café Capri in Tattersall, 04369, $288

    Lastly, the Tipped Swiss Dot Top paired with the Moto Mini in Wool

  Tipped Swiss Dot Top, 03535, $128
Moto Mini in Wool, 03339, $128

   What did you think of these October previews? Anything you liked from the above photos so far?

   Thanks for dropping by!


  1. No must haves for me. It's interesting to see the jeweled tops continues. I guess it'll peak at holiday. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I like the Tippi swiss dot top. Very cute! I think I am a little done with the jeweled tops myself.

  3. I watched the Tory Burch show online today and there were so many jeweled tops in the audience! I am thinking of getting the moto in black wool - I quite like it!

  4. So fun. Thanks for sharing this preview. The jeans are interesting, but I don't wear toothpicks. I wish JC would do something similar in the matchstick, but maybe you need the super skinny line in order for the pattern to look good.
    Love the Everly pumps!!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I really like the black moto skirt. I think the length would be fine with thick black tights but I am only 5' 4". I bought and returned the tipped Swiss dot top. The sleeves were awkwardly short (again I am only 5'4"'and have fairly short arms).

  6. I love the Tattersall Capris but ouch! That price!!! Target here has something similar, so maybe I'll jus keep my options open...
    Thanks for the sneak preview!!!

  7. Pretty previews, but no "must haves" for me. Fur/Shearling just would make me look like a round showgirl, lol. I have enough mini's and jeweled goods - tons of sale items from last Fall/Winter sales. Thank you so much for sharing them! Probably the things I do like will make it to sale. :D Doesn't everything lately?

  8. Thanks for sharing! I too don't see anything I need to have, but the shoes are lovely.

  9. My store had received the Tipped Swiss Dot Top early and I loved it! The Thomas Mason Oxford looks interesting.

  10. Thank you, ladies, for all your comments. Glad I could show you the preview! :)

  11. Ooh thanks for sharing these, Rose! I wonder when they'll be online? I love the look of the shoes!

  12. Thanks ROse! I love the shearling cardigan and the Tattersall capris but that would blow the entire fall shopping budget and make me look like one of little Bo peep's sheep. The capris may be doable after lots of markdowns!


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